We Are Indeed Brewing Company

Josh Bischoff, Head Brewer

Josh Bischoff,
Head Brewer

Indeed’s head brewer, Josh Bischoff has been brewing professionally for a decade; seven of which have been at the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery—a tenure that has earned him a part in seven GABF medals and most recently a silver medal for his specialty beer LSD.  It’s debatable if his long brewer’s beard is as esteemed as his brewing skills, but we like to think they’re pretty much equal. Though Josh might hold the rock star title of the team, this is one talented brewer who doesn’t mind staying behind the scenes, rocking out to Phish, Wilco and Two Gallant, and doing charming things like naming a new brew for his son, Elliott. Josh takes great pride in his work, crafting beer for every occasion, and now he’s on to the next chapter of his life: bringing high-quality, interesting beer to the masses. Lucky us!

Nathan Berndt, Co-Founder

Nathan Berndt,

Nathan Berndt spends is a recovering journalist, and manages the sales and distribution of Indeed Brewing Co, but he’s also one of those people who seeks adventure. Perhaps some of Nathan’s love for beer is rooted from his studies in geology—an area of study that’s taken him from mapping rock formations in Montana to mining fossilized fish in Wyoming, where the end of each day wrapped up with friends gathered together, enjoying a Summit, Sierra Nevada, and other craft beers. Nathan continues to travel regularly. He’s explored dozens of National Parks, and his passport is rugged and crammed with stamps and travel visas from more than 25 countries, which amounts to a whole lot of packing. But while cramming his suitcase with shirts and socks, he’s come to find there’s always room for a six-pack of local beer.

Thomas Whisenand, Co-Founder

Thomas Whisenand,
Director of Operations

Tom Whisenand is a former globetrotting photojournalist, cribbage player, and Twin Cities native. His love for craft beer blossomed while living in New Hampshire. Born and raised on Summit, Tom was thrilled to find Smuttynose, Harpoon, and Dogfish Head on the shelves of Granite State shops. A fascination with variation, the driving force behind Tom’s photojournalism career, craft beer presented a new outlet for his curious nature. Returning to Minneapolis as newspapers fell into decline Tom switched to slinging pints at Town Hall Brewery. After soaking up all he could he went to work as a photographer at the University of St. Thomas before co-founding Indeed. Craft beer gives Tom a chance to freely express himself, choose among a tasty selection of beers and, best of all, it makes losing at cribbage a lot less painful.

Rachel Anderson, Co-Founder

Rachel Anderson,
Director of Marketing

Rachel Anderson is a senior art director at Tiger Oak Publications in Minneapolis. Her creative insight and ability to dream up inspiring editorial layouts means she has a keen eye for style, which is pretty helpful when you’re starting a brewery and need a shiny, new logo. An avid hiker, skier and wander luster, Rachel considers herself something of a craft beer novice, but notes there are some major (and obvious) benefits to researching the notably unintimidating industry. You know, like sampling lots of beer. One can’t be expected to become a beer expert without a fair amount of imbibing, after all. Moreover, Rachel’s proof that beer isn’t just for the dudes. If you’re looking for her at the brewery, just keep an eye out for the blond in designer boots, tipping back a hoppy brew.