A trip with a Specific purpose: our brewhouse

Things have really been moving quickly at Indeed Brewing Company during the past few weeks. The flurry of construction continues to be the most noticeable marker of our progress towards opening the brewery this summer.

Meanwhile, 1,400 miles away on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, you can walk onto the manufacturing floor at Specific Mechanical and find dozens of workers scurrying around, see sparks flying, metal crashing, with the smoky haze of welding while hanging in the air. Amidst all of this rests our 30 BBL brewing system, which is nearly ready to ship.

One of us from Indeed was lucky enough to make the trip up to Specific Mechanical by way of Seattle after attending the Craft Brewer's Conference in San Diego, leaving a long trail of empty pint glasses and oyster shells in the wake.

Visiting Specific Mechanical quickly illustrated just how crazy the craft brewing industry is right now. Specific is shipping nearly one brewing system per week, all the while completing a host of other projects including a contract to produce two 120 BBL fermentation vessels every month, for the next twelve months for a brewery that coincidentally help pioneer craft beer in cans. That brewery  will go unnamed here.