Cans that Give Back

New beer releases feature QR codes on the label that go to supporting local communities.

On Monday, March 16, Indeed Brewing Company voluntarily closed its Minneapolis taproom before bars and restaurants were ordered to temporarily close across Minnesota. Since then, we've adapted to the changing landscape caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak to not only serve beer safely, but also provide consumers with new brands.

Instead of scrapping plans for upcoming draft-only beers on the 2020 brand calendar, our marketing, production, and packaging teams switched gears to release these beers in labeled cans and on schedule, with an added effort to support local communities.

Each can features a QR code that gives the drinker an opportunity to support two industries that were disproportionately affected by the outbreak. Springbier and Danzig Dunkel labels include a QR code that directs people to tip Indeed taproom staff who rely on tips as part of their income (via Venmo @indeed-brewing), while NE Beer’s QR code directs people to contribute to the Twin Cities Music Community Trust.

NE Beer: Dark in color and malty in flavor, the best beer to pair with a bump is back. Originally a collaboration with our Northeast neighbors Tattersall Distilling, NE Beer was made to go with its perfect-for-sipping NE Whiskey. Easily enjoyed on its own, this sessionable brown ale is brewed with HBC-472, an experimental hop known for its oaky and coconut notes commonly found in the barrel-aging process.

Springbier: The overlooked beer season is getting its due. Springbier, pulled straight from the tank, emerges gloriously unfiltered and naturally carbonated from the cold-fermentation and krausening process. In like a lion, out like a lamb, this export lager is full in flavor yet tender on the palate. Formerly called Fruhlingsbier, Springbier starts afresh with a new name, look and longer time in the tank for an even better tasting beer.

Danzig Dunkel: The next best thing to Bavaria in September. Head Brewer Dan Stavig captures his memories of drinking liters of Augustiner Dunkel in Munich in this take on a Munich-style dunkel lager. Not just a substitute, Danzig Dunkel is a brew that encapsulates the longing for a place and its beer.

Find six-packs of these beers in liquor stores around the Twin Cities. Springbier and NE Beer are being release this week (April 20) and Danzig Dunkel will be released the week of April 27. There will be some limited availability from the Minneapolis taproom.