Double down with Haywire: it's beer brewed with beer!

'Beer brewed with beer.' That's Haywire in a nutshell! To make our Double American Black Ale, we use hopped wort for the second mash where any 'sane' brewing process would use water. It's not an easy technique. In fact, this beer earned it's name from it's ability to make operations in the brewery go awry! But the extra effort results in a uniquely assertive and flavor-pounded style of beer.

Is Haywire crazy-hoppy and high gravity? Yes, it most definitely is. We use 10 pounds of hops per barrel making this beer, including Citra, Centennial, El Dorado and Sorachi Ace. To put that in perspective, Day Tripper, hoppy by most standards, uses a mere 4 pounds of hops per barrel. But Haywire is more than just an in your face hop-bomb. With a rock solid malt foundation with a strong flavor profile of its own, Haywire manages to be both off-the-charts in flavor but still well-balanced.

Haywire pours a rich, dark brown color verging on true black, with a thick, creamy tan head. The distinguishing aromas are sappy pine and bright citrus, married with dark caramel and burnt toast. Bold piney, resinous hop flavor meets an equally strong malt profile with complex flavors of burnt sugar, molasses, and chicory coffee.  Haywire is full-bodied with ample carbonation, a slight kick of alcohol heat, and a bitter, dry finish.

If Haywire sounds like it's up your alley, move fast! This beer is only available for a short amount of time on draft and in bottles, and is best consumed fresh. Republic 7 Corners is hosting us for the release of this year's Haywire at 6pm on Tuesday, March 24th They'll be offering up a flight of 'Short, Dark, and Hoppy' Indeed beers to sample: Haywire Double American Black Ale, a pin of Haywire dry-hopped with Citra hops, Midnight Ryder Black IPA on nitro, and Midnight Ryder infused with Dogwood Neon Espresso. Join us, and we'll enjoy the fruits of our labor, double-brewed and extra-special.

In addition to the release at Republic, we'll be shipping out bottles on the 24th to select liquor stores. Haywire will release in the Indeed taproom on Wednesday March 25th, as well as in select bars and restaurants! Follow along on Twitter (@indeedbrewing) where we'll be posting and re-posting Haywire's availability around town. Prepare your palate to double down!