Kettle Sours v. Wood-Aged Sours: What's the Difference?

As the sour beer boom continues to grow, we're getting tons of questions about how our sours get, well, sour. We're not gonna lie, there's a lot involved, but we decided to cut right down to the short and sweet (or should we say sour?) of it. Check out the guide below to learn how we make two kinds of tart and tasty beer, then let us know what method is your favorite. Move over Charles Dickens, cause we’ve got a tale of two sours.

Need a little taste test to help you truly draw the line between kettle and wood-aged sours? Hey, we understand. Pucker up to our sour beers in the taproom, or find packaged offerings of Lucy Session Sour and Wooden Soul: Heliotropic in stores throughout the Twin Cities.