Let it Ride IPA is back: Hop on!

Brewed with an unfettered blend of Mosaic, Calypso, and El Dorado hops, LET IT RIDE is back! Our seasonal IPA drops Tuesday February 24, hitting liquor store shelves in bright green cans and the tap towers of bars and restaurants across the Twin Cities and throughout the state.

Hop-heads who had a taste of Let it Ride when it was last released have been waiting on pins and needles for this beer to reappear, and with good reason! Let it Ride is all about new American hops and showcasing their big, fruity aromas. When it comes to Let it Ride’s three foundational hop varieties, Indeed Head Brewer Josh Bischoff says, “Mosaic hops, those are all blueberry, dank, and more blueberry. From the Calypso, I get a lot of pineapple. And with the El Dorado hops, there’s a mix of tropical fruit, and pear.” With these powerfully aromatic hops, supported by a strong malt backbone, we get a big, fruity IPA with a beautiful copper color and a satisfying body.

To celebrate Let it Ride’s return we’re kicking off its season with a new kind of beer release party at the Turf Club. Live music starts at 7pm with Narco States, Flasher, and DJ Paper Sleeves! Plus, we’ll be tapping four hard-to-find barrel-aged Indeed beers in the Clown Lounge for a bonus ‘Barrel-Aged Basement’ event, sampling flights of Wooden Soul #1, Mexican Cousin, Be Cherry, and Rum King.

Just like getting back in the saddle on your two-wheeler after a long, frozen winter, you’ll pick up with Let it Ride right where you left off. Take a deep breath, and hop on!