Mojito Shenanigans is back, with a twist

Mojito Shenanigans is back for more fun in the sun, now with an innovative twist.

Head Brewer Josh Bischoff explains, “Mojito Shenanigans has been a popular infusion in the taproom, and we’ve always wanted to do larger quantities of it. We weren’t convinced that we wanted to just dump a bunch of lime juice into our beer, so we were trying to come up with a cool way to do a large-scale version of it. 

At the latest Craft Brewers Conference we attended a kettle souring seminar and we decided that might be a good way to go about it.” Using this process known as kettle souring, we dosed Shenanigans with lactobacillus bacteria in a 120-degree kettle for about 36 hours, which sours the wort and makes it tart. We then boil that wort as normal, add hops, and ferment with our house yeast before adding a generous amount of lime puree and mint. Kettle souring means we can ramp up production of this wildly popular summer beer.

Our Derailed Series Mojito Shenanigans is as light and refreshing as the Cuban cocktail itself, bursting with the flavors of fresh lime and mint. Salud!