Shenanigans infusions are taking flight in the taproom!

Summer is time for Shenanigans! If you’ve been following along here on the blog, you know all about our newly released Derailed Series kettle-soured Mojito Shenanigans. But did you know that this version is just the latest iteration in a long line of fun, creative, and damn tasty Shenanigans infusions?

This Thursday afternoon in the taproom we’re turning happy hour into Shenanigans Infusion Flight Night from 3-6pm to showcase a few of our current favorites. This one-night-only flight includes Shenanigans Summer Ale, Lemongrass, Bitter Orange Peel cask, and kettle-soured Mojito Shenanigans for $12!

Head Brewer Josh Bischoff digs a little deeper for us into how the infusion process works: “We have kegs to which we added a 5" port on the side, so we can easily add ingredients and then fill the keg with whatever beer we are using. From there, the process depends on the ingredient we are using. For teas we brew a concentrated tea and then add that directly to the infusion keg. For fruits, we either use whole fruits, purees, or concentrates. Those get added to the infusion kegs as well, then aged with the beer for usually a week or so, then the beer gets transferred back to a non-infusion keg and served.”

Shenanigans Summer Ale is particularly receptive to flavor infusions and knows how to show them off. Josh explains, “Shenanigans is a good base because it's light another that we can add pretty much whatever we want and not have the infusion flavors fighting with overpowering flavors from the beer.  That said, Shenanigans also has a nice malt and citrusy flavor profile to contribute to the infusion, so it still has a presence.”

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to our Shenanigans infusions and flavor combinations, but Josh says, “ Infusion ideas come from the brewers talking about what flavors we think would be interesting and would work in the beer we are going to infuse. A lot of our infusions come from things I enjoy when I’m not drinking beer, things like Mojitos, tea, and Arnie Palmers.”

You keep dreaming them up, we’ll happily keep drinking them down.

Shenanigans Infusion Flight Night
Thursday June 11th, 3-6pm