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Make way for the Whiskey Queen. The throne has been snatched from Rum King for a limited release, and we’re celebrating with a Whiskey Queen Infusion Flight Night on Thursday, March 28th, in our main taproom. Join us as we celebrate this matriarchy with a vertical of the classic alongside three infusions including orange & cacao, fresh raspberries, and an extra special version with rum and brandy-aged coffee beans. Finish out this winter strong with us by warming up to the Queen. Kegs will be tapped at 3pm and only available while supplies last

Whiskey Queen Imperial Stout
10.5% ABV – 55 IBU
Whiskey Queen starts its journey as a wee imperial stout with eight varieties of malt and is then aged in American whiskey barrels for about seven months to create a pitch black brew that greets you with vanilla, chocolate, and coconut aromas. This beer boasts with an unforgettable creamy, silky body backed by roasted malt, vanilla, and oak flavors.

Whiskey Queen with Orange and Cacao
This variant is inspired by the popularity of an infusion from 2018, Rum King with Orange and Cacao. Our master infuser was tempted to try it with its Queen counterpart with some higher quality cacao husks to really amp up the chocolate flavors. Consider this one an homage to a classic holiday candy to help put a crown on this winter's end.

Whiskey Queen with Fresh Raspberries
Our brewer loved the flavor of our specialty Valentine’s Day infusion, Stir Crazy with raspberries, and wanted to recreate it with a bigger beer. The brightness of whiskey and freshness of the raspberries create a perfect marriage of fruity and chocolatey.

Whiskey Queen with Rum & Brandy-aged Coffee Beans
A little over a year ago, we acquired some freshly emptied rum and brandy barrels and tossed some coffee beans in the barrels to explore what flavors would come of it. The results were utterly inspiring and we knew we had to age a big, dark stout on these beans. You’ll get subtle notes of vanilla, chocolate, and oak with a unique coffee finish.

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