For one night only, experience three years of L.S.D.

With its kaleidoscopic co-mingling of out-of-the-box ingredients, L.S.D. is a one of a kind trip.

Head Brewer Josh Bischoff dreamt up the idea to brew with lavender, sunflower honey, and dates while working at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis. Even for an adventurous brewery like Town Hall where brewers are given room to play, a lavender beer was a pretty big question mark. Josh recalls, “To this day it has been the only beer brewed there during the Mike Hoops era that he requested a pilot be brewed first!”

To celebrate the 2015 release of L.S.D. we’re offering a unique tasting flight in the taproom, for one night only on Thursday May 7, starting at 3pm.

Sample this year’s L.S.D. alongside the 2014 and 2013 vintages and explore the ways this beer morphs and shifts as it ages from a fresh, young profile dominated by lavender. Josh explains, “With time the lavender becomes more of a ‘team player’ than a ‘spotlight stealer.’ The play between the caramel flavors of the dates and toastiness of the malt emerge, and the honey character really starts to shine through.”

Join us for this cool vertical tasting, and consider picking up a few bottles of 2015 L.S.D.; some for now, some for later, and some to cellar for your own future verticals!