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Wooden Soul: Sour Blonde with Grapefruit

The Story

This Sour Blonde Ale is aged in red and white wine barrels housing a native Brett strain, further aged on chopped, zested, & juiced grapefruit. It pours hazy, deep gold with aromas of fresh grapefruit juice, drifting into dusty lemon and fruity, vinous character. The brewer's hand-selected from a dozen different barrels to be blended and aged on whole grapefruits for a beautiful marriage of wood-aged sour beer and fresh grapefruit

The Goods

Base Beer: Sour Blond Ale

Yeast(s): 4+ different strains of Brett

Bacteria: Pediococcus, multiple Lactobacillus strains

Specialty Ingredients: Grapefruit

The Stats

ABV: 5.3%

Aged for: 1.5 years