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Derailed Series

What is “Derailed?”

Fast and loose. Up for anything. A little bit crazy. That’s Derailed.

Indeed Brewing Company made its home alongside the tracks in Northeast Minneapolis, in the heart of what was once a booming center of industry, and is now a flourishing home for the arts. Our Derailed Series℠ takes something from the old and the new: hard work, innovation, and measurable results, with a flair for the creative and an always-inquisitive spirit.

Indeed’s Derailed Series is our lineup of experimental beers. It’s the ‘brewer’s choice’ segment of our operation, in which they get to tweak recipes or dabble in a new style. Derailed goes beyond the flagships, seasonals, and specialties you’ve come to expect from us, and makes space for our brewers to jump the tracks and just see what happens.

Our brewers are very good at following recipes. That’s how we know the Day Tripper you have today will be the Day Tripper you have next week and the Day Tripper you had last month. But they’ve got so much more up their sleeves! Head Brewer Josh Bischoff has created nearly all of the recipes for our flagships, seasonals, and specialties at Indeed so far. As he puts it, “The Derailed Series gives the rest of our brew staff a chance to work on their own recipes and share them with the public.” Derailed is our up and coming brewers’ opportunity to push the envelope, expand their repertoire, and yes, have a little fun.

Some Derailed Series beers never see the outside of our taproom walls, while others have gone on to become some of our most popular offerings, like Mexican Honey and Rum King. It’s a chance for you, the Indeed Brewing fan, to participate in the process of developing our future lineup. You are our guinea pigs, and we’re listening! So come, join us in the taproom, try some Derailed beers, and be a part of what makes it special to us. That nameless, faceless style you’re sipping on could be the next big thing. Or not. Either way, we’re cool with it.