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Wooden Soul #8

The Story

Freshly emptied tequila barrels which had just been used to cellar Mexican Cousin were refilled with our blonde base and populated with multiple Brett strains, an unknown wild yeast, and lactobacillus. After 18 months of aging, the result is a marriage of mixed fruit and citrus qualities from resident organisms, and a distinct thumbprint left behind by the tequila barrels. Although it is not readily tequila-like, the tequila barrels added an earthy, woody, herbal depth to this experience. 

The Goods

Malts: Blonde Ale base malts, including Pilsner, Malted and Unmalted Wheat, light cara malts Hops: Variable Yeast: Several Brett strains, wild yeast Bacteria: Lactobacillus strains Fruit: Hint of lime juice

The Stats

5.20% ABV 

The Details

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