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Indeed We Can: Raise a Glass, Lend a Hand

If brewing top-notch beer for the people around us is the core of who we are at Indeed Brewing Company, then engagement with our community is our backbone. Giving back is as fundamental to us as brewing delicious beer, and we’re always seeking new ways to engage.

Indeed We Can is our charitable initiative, and it puts the power of doing good straight into the hands of the people who make Indeed tick: our employees and guests.

Here's how it works:

Indeed Gives: On one Wednesday and Tuesday of the month (usually the last one) in Minneapolis and Milwaukee respectively, Indeed gives 100% of the taproom net proceeds.

You Give: Every Wednesday and Tuesday in Minneapolis and Milwaukee respectively, guests will have the option to round up their tab.

Get Involved: There will be information on how to further support each organization beyond the taproom through volunteer opportunities.

Minneapolis 2024 Organizations:
April: Feline Rescue
May: Queerspace Collective
June: Marnita’s Table
July: Friends of the Boundary Waters
August: The Lift Garage
September: The Link
October: Master Brewers Association District St. Paul - Minneapolis
November: The Legal Revolution
December: Women’s Prison Book Project

Download a PDF of the Minneapolis organizations

Milwaukee 2024 Organizations:
April: The Park People
May: Ice Age Trail Alliance
June: Milwaukee Riverkeeper
July: River Revitalization Foundation / Ozaukee Washington Land Trust
August: Chris Kegel Foundation
September: Children's Wisconsin & Louie's Last Regatta
October: Walker’s Point Association
November: Street Angels Milwaukee
December: TBA

Download a PDF of the Milwaukee organizations

  • Indeed We Can is different in 2024. What does it look like now?

    In April 2024, we changed the way we give back through our Indeed We Can program. Instead of a new organization every week, there is one organization a month that we support.

    There are three giving-back facets to the program:

    Indeed Gives: On one Wednesday of the month in Minneapolis and Tuesday in Milwaukee (usually the last one), Indeed gives 100% of the taproom proceeds.
    You Give: Every Wednesday in Minneapolis and Tuesday in Milwaukee, round up your tab or donate a dollar amount of your choosing.
    Get Involved: Give your time through volunteer work. Check out the info wall for details on how to get involved.

  • How are nonprofits chosen?

    Indeed Brewing Company employees submit nominations at the end of every year. Our employee advisory board and leadership team then reviews and votes on all of the nominations to select 12 organizations per location. Final determination of the participants is subject to approval by the owners of Indeed Brewing Company.

  • What type of organizations can be part of Indeed We Can?

    Indeed We Can organizations must be a registered, active 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) in the state of Minnesota or Wisconsin.

  • How can my nonprofit become a participant in Indeed We Can?

    Because this program is entirely staff-driven, an Indeed employee needs to choose your organization in order to participate. We do not take open solicitations for this program.

  • My favorite nonprofit was part of Indeed We Can last year but not this year, what happened?

    We can only choose one non-profit organization a month per taproom location (Minneapolis & Milwaukee). In case there is an opening and you'd like to be considered, please send us a message with information about your organization and why you want to be involved.

  • How many nonprofits does Indeed We Can support?

    There are 24 nonprofits a year (12 in Minnesota and 12 in Wisconsin).