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Apr 19/18

Celebrate Sours with Wooden Soul Week!

For years, our wild, sour, and barrel-aged Wooden Soul beers have been waiting to party. They've been quietly developing, fermenting, refermenting, re-refermenting, and now they're ready to bring the funk straight to you.

Join us for Wooden Soul Week: Seven Days of Sour! We'll be getting wild at events throughout the Twin Cities with our Wooden Soul beers. We’ve mapped out our schedule below, featuring everything from brunch, tap takeovers, free oysters, and a pop-up record shop, to trivia, flights, sour school, and tours of The Woods - our barrel-aging warehouse.

Wooden Soul Week begins April 22nd and runs until April 28th! Don’t miss it, because partying with these sours is pretty sweet.

-April 22-

St. Genevieve 9:30am-2pm

Join us at St. Genevieve for a Wooden Soul Beer Brunch! Get two courses and a snack, each paired with selections from Wooden Soul. Plus, the Indeed crew will be on site to chat all things sour. Oysters, dessert, and more beer will also be available. Snag tickets here.

Indeed Brewing Company 12pm-8pm

Settle in with a friend in our cozy taproom and try rare Wooden Soul selections as we release our exclusive Library List of bottles. Indeed is the only place you'll find 750 ml bottles of Wooden Soul served table-side.

-April 23rd-

Hodges Bend MN 5pm

Meet us at the ultra hip Hodges Bend for a pop-up record store with Agharta Records! We'll be spinning funk & soul music to pair with Wooden Soul sour selections. Buy a record and grab a discounted beer.

-April 24th-

Sea Salt Eatery 4pm-8pm

Snag a seat in the sun (hopefully) at Sea Salt - buy a Wooden Soul beer, get an oyster for free! Plus, enjoy Sea Salt's full menu and the Indeed draft cart.

-April 25th-

Pig Ate My Pizza 4pm-10pm

Find Wooden Soul selections on tap and ready to pair with Pig Ate My Pizza's delish pizza pies and appetizers.

France 44 Wine & Spirits 6:30pm-8pm

Join Wooden Soul Head Brewer Adam Theis at France 44 for a new additional of Wooden Soul Sour School. Taste four Wooden Soul selections with cheese pairings and learn about all things sour beer.

Get tickets here:

-April 26th-

Union 32 Craft House 6pm-10pm

Bring your quizzo crew and come play trivia on the topics of Minnesota and beer while you sip on wild Wooden Soul selections.

Indeed Brewing Company 3pm-9pm

Get to the taproom for a Wooden Soul Flight Night! Taste four offerings from our wild, sour, and barrel-aged beer series. Flights are $15, begin at 3pm and go until the first keg kicks. Flight beers include: Saison de la Pomme, In the Thicket, Cherry Dust, and Blue Blood.

-April 27th-

Turtle's Bar and Grill 5pm-10pm

Meet us at Turtle's for a Wooden Soul Tap Takeover! Enjoy four rare Wooden Soul beers on tap and hang with the Indeed crew for prizes and giveaways.

-April 28th-

Indeed Brewing Company 12pm-5pm

Take a guided tour of the brewery and hop on a Experience the Twin Cities shuttle to check out The Woods - our barrel-aging warehouse located 10 minutes away in St. Paul. Taste Wooden Soul samples and see where these unique beers are created!

See you there!

Mar 27/18

Whirlygig 2018 is on its way with three days of music and new Biergarten!

Friday May 18th 5pm-11pm - Saturday May 19th 12pm-11pm - Sunday May 20th 12pm-8pm

RSVP on Facebook.

Whirlygig is back and this year we’re whirling harder than ever. If you’re looking to get down and #getwhirly during Art-A-Whirl weekend, grab your friends and join us for:

Three days of a killer local music lineup featuring headliners Pho, Black-eyed Snakes, and Happy Apple! Get the full line up below.

Of course you’ll find all your favorite brews on tap, including LSD, Mexican Honey, Strawberry Fields, Shenanigans, B-Side Pils, Lucy, Day Tripper, Zwickelbier, and selections from Wooden Soul. Plus who knows what else might pop up! 

Tasty food galore! Whirly staples Blue Door Pub will be on site with totchos and blucys, along with Natedogs, slingin footlong wieners the old-fashioned way. New to the fest are Dogwood Coffee and Milkjam Creamery, keeping you warm and cool respectively. 

The incredibly talented Chuck U will complete a live painting Friday into Saturday. It will then be auctioned off to the best looking and highest bidder. Indeed is smack dab in the thick of the Northeast Minneapolis Arts District, so be sure to visit the talented artists on the second and third floors above Indeed in the Solar Arts Building, across the tracks at the Northrup King Building, or up the street at the Casket Arts Building.

Whirlygig 2018 marks the grand opening of Indeed’s tented Biergarten where you can take a rest from the fest to eat, drink, and get whirly while keeping it chill. Located in our new parking lot just steps from the brewery, it’s also your go-to spot to sip our Wooden Soul series of wild, sour, and barrel-aged beer.

For those about to whirl, we salute you

Entry is $1 if you’re looking to buy a beer, and free for those not drinking. ALL proceeds will benefit our charitable giving program, Indeed We Can. 

Cash only! Repeat - CASH ONLY inside and out. ATMs are on site just in case.

Kids welcome, as long as they can hang. We love doggos, but furry friends might find the experience overwhelming, so please leave them at home. 

MUSIC LINEUP (set times to come)

The Bad Man
Gabe Barnett & them Rounders
Purple Funk Metropolis

Black-eyed Snakes
France Has the Bomb
Matt Latterell
Graveyard Club
Flavor Crystals
cheap fantasy
Lazy Scorsese

Happy Apple
The Gang Font
Christ Bates/Bryan Nichols Trio

Feb 14/18

More than beer brewing at Indeed, as couples say “I do”

This Valentine’s Day we’re all about the love. And not just the love of beer, although we obviously have some strong feelings (How do we love you Day Tripper? Let us count the ways). Instead, we’re pouring out the stories of a few couples that graciously decided to include us their big days. And whether “to have and to hold” describes the way you feel about your partner or just your next glass of Mexican Honey, we think you’ll enjoy them too.

Last fall we celebrated our first-ever wedding reception at the brewery. The couple, Kelsey and Tony, told us it was an easy choice as they looked for reception venues. “It was the first major decision of the wedding that we made,” Kelsey explained. “Indeed is our favorite local brewery and a beautiful location, and it was as simple as that. Who doesn’t want to cheers a couple of beers on their wedding day?” Yeah - we’re gonna have to agree on that one. The couple were married in a small private ceremony outside, before feasting and feteing at the brewery with family and friends.

Kelsey & Tony's Wedding Photo Shoot
Photo + Header Photo by Ali Miller Photography

While this was Indeed’s inaugural wedding reception, our taproom is no stranger to couples who want to make the brewery part of their nuptials. Martha and Brent were a super cute couple who stopped in for a quick picture session in the Ox Taproom before their reception at Chowgirls Killer Catering, our friendly third floor neighbors. Martha shared that she and Brent made their relationship “official” during a birthday celebration of Brent’s at the taproom, which was a big factor in the selection of the Solar Arts Building for their wedding day. Martha explained, “The nostalgia of having so many fun get togethers with friends at Indeed also baked more meaning into our wedding than just having it at an events center somewhere.”

Martha & Brent's Ox Taproom Photo Shoot
Photo by Spicy-Meatball Photography

Indeed’s over 100-year old building and industrial character has also attracted lots of couples looking for alternative locations for engagement photos. Our favorite recently engaged pair (and Indeed employees), Ashley and Matt, were looking for a place to take photos that helped reflect what their actual relationship was like. “Seeing as we spend a lot of time at breweries drinking beer and playing games, Indeed was a perfect setting,” says Matt. “That, coupled with train tracks, brick walls, and the general NE Minneapolis vibe, we were able to get a nice mix of shots.”

Matt & Ashley
Eric Vest Photography

This connection between our brewery and patrons just makes us feel #blessed, and was exactly what co-founder Tom Whisenand imagined when the taproom opened over five years ago. His goal was to give the brewery a living room-like quality where people could come and get to know Indeed’s beer. It turns out that casual and friendly vibe has led to much more than just a good pint.

Bailey & Chase's Engagement Photo Shoot
Photo by Studio Twelve:52

Indeed’s Main and Ox taprooms are both available for private events. We’ve been happy to host everything from groom’s dinners and bridal showers to engagement photos and wedding receptions (even a surprise one!) at the brewery. To make Indeed part of your next special event, reach out to our events manager, Lindsay Slanga, via email at Check out our page on The Knot or find us in the Minnesota Bride Wedding Book.

Special thanks to all of our couples and Ali Miller Photography, Spicy-Meatball Photography, Eric Vest Photography, and Studio twelve:52 for use of their photos in this blog post. Check out more photos in our gallery.

Jan 23/18

How sour is sour? Measuring acidity in sour beer

Sour beers are so hot right now. Store shelves and tap towers around the state are brimming with all kinds of tart beers to pucker up to, but a lot of mystery remains about one of the biggest trends in craft brewing. This week, we’ll release our most sour beer to date, Strawberry Fields Sour Ale. We got to thinking about how we measure the amount of sourness or acidity in our beer, and thought it was a perfect time to sit down with quality manager Daniel and get the scoop on how we gauge the power of our sours.

What do we really mean when we talk about beer acidity? How does that relate to the experience of drinking a beer?

When talking about drinking beer, typically acidity refers to the sourness or tartness that is perceived when drinking.

How do we measure acidity levels in our beer? Why is this important?

There are two primary ways we measure acidity in our beer: pH and titratable acidity (TA). The pH is very important to the technical production of beer while the TA correlates better to how the beer is perceived on the palate. TA is measured in grams of lactic acid per liter.

What kind of flavors are associated with sour or higher acidity level beers?

It is no surprise that sourness is typically associated with, and blends well with fruit flavors: berry, lemon, orange. Also, and maybe more importantly, sourness cuts through any sweet flavors and leaves the palate refreshed.

So how does the fruit we add to some of our beer affect the acidity level?

Fruit is sour and adds a significant amount of acidity to our beers.

Is it important to measure acidity in beers that aren’t necessarily “sour”? Is every Indeed beer measured for its acidity level?

Yes. During the brewing and fermentation process, we measure the pH of the beer approximately 15-20 times. The pH is important to achieve the proper enzyme activity in the mash and must be within a specific range to assure yeast health and stability when packaged.

We’re releasing Strawberry Fields Sour Ale this week. What is the acidity level of Strawberry Fields and how does it compare to our other sours?

Strawberry Fields is the most sour beer we have produced at Indeed. Its TA is 11.5 g/L. This can be compared to 8.4 g/L in Lucy Session Sour.

Do different levels of acidity provide different taste experiences depending on the drinker?

Yes. Much like the spice level in food or the bitterness in beer, each drinker may have a preferred sourness. However, this preference can change and sometimes change quickly. If you like sour beers, it is likely you will continually seek out beers that are even more sour.

What’s the best way to store sour beers?

All beer should be stored cold. Our canned sour beers (Lucy and Strawberry Fields) are not designed or expected to age well, so drink them by the best by date printed on the bottom of the can.


Thanks Daniel! Still have questions about sour beer? Tweet them to us at @indeedbrewing and we’ll do our best to answer. 

If you’re ready to taste our most sour beer for yourself, you can find Strawberry Fields Sour Ale in 12 oz. cans and on draft beginning this week. Better yet, come celebrate with us during the Strawberry Fields Release Party at Lone Oak Grill this Thursday. We'll have Strawberry Fields on tap with three other berry-inspired beers. 

Jan 16/18