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Keep Up To Speed

Mar 18/20

Comfort Beer

Crowlers and growlers are available to-go in Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

These are strange and unprecedented times, indeed.

We announced on Monday, March 16 that we would be closing our Milwaukee and Minneapolis taprooms in response to the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S. While we can’t provide a space for you to gather, we can supply you with beer once again, which we hope brings you some comfort.

Crowlers and growlers are now available to-go at both taproom locations. Pick up through The Ox window in Minneapolis or on Quincy Corner where you can snag some tacos from Centro, too. In Milwaukee, pick-up is available at the taproom. Growlers are available, however we won't be doing refills at this time or accepting empties. Customers who order from Centro across the street will receive $5 off any growler purchase as part of our Quincy Corner package.

Feb 26/20

A Tale of Two Breweries

Catching up with owner Tom Whisenand.

Indeed Brewing Company’s pilot brewery and taproom opened in Milwaukee in September 2019. Owner Tom Whisenand reflects on the the last six months in Milwaukee, why Wisconsin is a great state for beer, and what’s in store for beer drinkers in both states.

Feb 24/20

Whirlygig 2020

Our three-day music fest returns May 15, 16 & 17.

Good vibes, food and beer galore, and killer music: It’s time for Whirlygig 2020.

We’re getting weird on Saturday of the three-day fest. TOBACCO will be here and ready to take us on a trip. Yes, that TOBACCO. That hasn’t played in Minneapolis in what feels like forever. That either redefines psychedelic music or smashes it to pieces so it can’t be defined. That manufactures analogue music into a digital world and fuses limitless genres into simple, badass, head-bobbing rock and roll. And if that’s not weird enough, we also have Marijuana Deathsquads, Daughters of the Sun, and The Lioness with DJ Keezy.

To kick off the weekend right, we’re bringing Nur-D back to the stage on Friday night, with The Bad Man, official beer-drinking rockstars of Northeast Minneapolis, and Purple Funk Metropolis on deck to get the stage hot and heavy. After blowing our minds at Hullabaloo 2019 and watching his meteoric rise, we’re beyond pumped to have Nur-D back, this time with a full band on a bigger stage. If you’re still standing on Sunday, Portal iii—a new project from bass goddess Liz Draper, guitarist and inspiration Charlie Parr, and local drummer/percussion soundmaker Chris Gray—and Pert Near Sandstone will bring the weekend to a close in full party mode.

Can you tell we’re excited? Can you tell you should be too? Join us in keeping Art-a-Whirl weird.

Feb 19/20

PakTech Recycling Program Update

Bring your old PakTech can holders to Indeed and get $2 off any beer, any time.

Back in August 2019, we found out that PakTech—those bright orange toppers that hold our six- and four-packs together—was not compatible with residential recycling centers and programs across Minnesota.

We decided that we wanted to not only find a way to recycle them responsibly, but also educate craft beer drinkers, so we offered you discounts and free beers in exchange for your discarded PakTech. We partnered with a facility that would properly recycle PakTech and other craft breweries followed suit in the mission to keep the packaging truly sustainable.

We have collected more than 1,300 PakTech holders and in return given away more than 850 free beers since then.

You showed us that you care about sustainability (and free beer), making this program wildly successful. So successful, in fact, that it’s time to scale it back a bit. We will still be offering $2 off all beers (even during Happy Hour) when you bring in three or more PakTech holders (from both Indeed and non-Indeed packs).

The Milwaukee taproom will still be offering one free pint (excluding specialty pours) for 4 or more PakTechs, or $2 off any beer with 1-3 PakTechs.

Feb 18/20

Make Way for The Queen

The Queen makes her royal debut.

Long live The Queen.

Formerly known as Whiskey Queen, this whiskey barrel-aged Imperial Stout is now known simply as The Queen. Same beer, new name (and, in fact, same beer as Rum King—just a different barrel). At 10.5% ABV, The Queen starts her journey to the throne as a pitch-black Imperial Stout, aged over seven months in American whiskey barrels to develop complex vanilla, chocolate and coconut aromas and a signature boozy finish. Warm, yet authoritative, The Queen boasts an unforgettable silky mouthfeel backed by roasted malt and oak flavors. An iron fist in a velvet glove, she rules.

We’re commemorating the occasion in royal fashion.

  • In cans: This is the first time we’re packaging The Queen for distribution; available in a liquor store near you. We've done the aging for you, so don't let her sit idle in the fridge.
  • On tap: On tap now in bars/restaurants and in the Minneapolis taproom Thursday, Feb. 27
  • Flight Night: We’re infusing The Queen with four flavor combinations on Thursday, Feb. 27: Dogwood NEON Espresso and Vanilla Bean; Cacao Nibs and Orange Zest; Cherry and Coconut; and Ginger and Lemon Zest. RSVP on Facebook.
  • Royal Crush: To properly commemorate the occasion, we’re having a bottle release party on Saturday, Feb. 29. Beginning at 12pm, there will be 300 bottles available of The Queen Brewer’s Reserve ($30 a bottle, limit of two). Among the festivities to honor The Queen is a chess tournament; RSVP to the event on Facebook and sign up for the tournament here.