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Jan 15/19

Let's Do This, 2019

A look back at 2018 and forward at 2019

2018 was a stellar year for us at Indeed Brewing! We premiered new brands like Flavorwave IPA and Mexican Honey Light, raised a significant amount of funds for local nonprofits through Indeed We Can, won some pretty sweet awards, invested in new technology, and toasted so many new friends. Keep reading to discover just what we accomplished this past year and what adventures you can expect from us in 2019!


You’ve enjoyed a multitude of Indeed beers over the years—15,000 barrels in 2018 alone—and these core values have always stayed true for us: quality, consistency, and innovation. This year we welcomed the juicy and tropical Flavorwave IPA to our line-up which quickly surpassed any of our expectations. Chuck U pulled out all the stops for this one to create another phenomenal can design for us and it may be his best yet! We sold about 800 barrels of Flavorwave since its inception in September so we think it’s safe to say that y’all like this one. We also jumped on the brut IPA train and canned our first one-off beer, High & Dry, which was even featured in the Wall Street Journal. Other new creations include Mexican Honey Light, Effin’ Hoppen Hefe, Paradeiss Wheat Pale Ale, Mix & Mingle Old Fashioned, Chai Velvet Amber Ale, and collaborations with friends at Ideal Diner (Ideal Root Beer), Fair State Brewing (Go Halfsies Grapefruit Radler), Union 32 (Double Stubble Double IPA), Blue Door Pub (Blue Dream IPA), Terzo (Terzo Barrel Blend) Hai Hai (Bia-Side Pils), Centro (Pink Rabbit Pils), and Hola Arepa (Beachside Pils).

Our offsite barrel-aging facility had some wild happenings this year as well. We purchased local bourbon and brandy barrels and used them to age a few classics including Stir Crazy, Mexican Honey, Old Friend, and L.S.D. Honey Ale, giving rise to new and exciting flavor profiles. Our barrel-aging sour program, Wooden Soul, saw new brands too, including Patchwork, Certain Shade of Green, La Peche Mode, Blue Blood, Betelguese, Torus, and Tepache. Say all those 10 times fast!


We try to stay humble around here, but we accomplished some pretty cool stuff that we want to share with you. B-Side Pils placed Bronze at the European Beer Star Awards, a world-renowned beer competition held in Germany. The Growler honored us in their Kind of a Big Deal Awards for Best Spice/Specialty Beer (L.S.D. Honey Ale), and Best Spontaneous/Wild Ale (Cherry Dust), and the National Honey Board deemed our Mexican Honey, L.S.D. Honey Ale, and Shenanigans Summer Ale winners in their book as well.

A few personal accomplishments of ours include raising about $80,000 for local nonprofits through Indeed We Can, which we plan to bring with us to Milwaukee and expand on in Minneapolis in 2019. Other notable mentions include reaching 30,000 followers on Instagram (woah!), hiring a full-time graphic designer bumping our team to 65 employees, investing in quality and freshness with the purchase of a top of the line KHS Can Filler, and buying a new can labeler to allow taproom crowler sales and distribution of one-off beers.


While this past year was a huge one for us, we’re going to keep stirring it up in 2019, so hold onto your pants. We’re excited to bring a little bit of our Minnesota craft beer scene to Wisconsin and grow our Indeed family with the opening of our pilot brewery in Milwaukee this summer. We’re looking forward to getting to know the community, expanding distribution, and experimenting a bit more. Keep your eyes peeled for new beer releases including one-offs like Rum King with Dogwood Neon Espresso and Vanilla, an experimental IPA, a barrel-aged barleywine, Shenanigans infusions, new fall and winter seasonal brews, and a Wooden Soul collaboration with our buds at Icehouse. We’ll also be releasing Mexican Honey Light in cans so you can enjoy this crushable, lower ABV brew all year long! Oh, and you can get its parent beer, Mexican Honey, in 4-packs year-round now too!

Well, that’s all we can share for now! Check out our 2018 Year in Review and 2019 Brand Calendar below for even more details on what you can look forward to from Indeed this year. Keep up to date on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all things Indeed. Cheers!



Nov 12/18

We're Moving In, Milwaukee!

We're bringing a bit of Minneapolis to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by breaking ground on a taproom and pilot brewery.

We’ve been holding in a secret for a really, painfully long time and we’re so excited to tell you that we just signed on to build a brewery and taproom in “Brew City,” Milwaukee, Wisconsin! That’s right, we’ll be the first Minnesota brewery to break ground in Wisconsin that has both locations under the same ownership, and we’re happy to join 30+ breweries in the city built on beer. Our new spot sits in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee on 530 South 2nd Street, and our plan is to have the beer flowing to Wisconsinites by mid-2019. Indeed Milwaukee will have a 10-Barrel brewhouse and a cozy, inviting taproom that seats 100+ people.

So why Milwaukee? We’ve been self-distributing in Madison and Milwaukee for some time and have had a great time connecting with our neighbor-state friends, paving the way to expansion. “Milwaukee feels like the perfect fit,” says Tom Whisenand, our co-founder and fearless leader on the expansion project. “We share a love of drinking beer, and about half of the folks who make up Indeed are Wisconsin born and bred. We’re excited to be a part of the Walker’s Point neighborhood, and connect directly with new Indeed customers in the state’s largest city.” The smaller brew system will push out our current line-up of beers with the added freedom to pilot and develop new brands for this new and thirsty customer base.

Among several Indeed traditions we plan to bring over state lines lines is our charitable giving program, Indeed We Can. Our employee-driven program donates 100% of taproom net profits to a local charity every Wednesday night of the year. We’re looking forward to connecting with Milwaukee on a deeper level by engaging with area nonprofits and giving back to our new community.

Indeed Milwaukee will definitely bring its own flavor to town, though. “This is no Panera Bread-like expansion,” explains Whisenand. “Milwaukee is a beer town and we are beer people that work every day to make great beer, meaningful commitments to the communities we are part of, and get a real kick out of big ideas and innovation.” At Indeed, we have always believed that innovation isn’t just one thing—one beer or one technology or one person—it’s created from a collection of experiences. Inspired by the pulse of a new city, new water, new beer, and new people, we’re very much looking forward to experiencing Milwaukee, and the state of Wisconsin to the fullest.

Stay tuned on our social media for all the latest updates about Indeed Milwaukee and to follow our journey as the 612 meets the 414. Cheers, Wisconsin!

Oct 25/18

Getting to the Root of Ideal Root Beer

With Tom Whisenand (Co-Owner), Andy Kiekhafer (Multimedia Producer), Jon Eager (Brewer)

Northeast’s Original Taproom meets Northeast’s landmark diner. A few months back, we brewed a classic style root beer for our dear friends at Ideal Diner and voila! Ideal Root Beer was born. It was our first time brewing a non-alcoholic beverage through our system and it turned out pretty dang tasty. We chatted with one of our co-owners, Tom Whisenand, multimedia producer, Andy Kiekhafer, and brewer, Jon Eager, to get to the “root” of this collaboration.

How did this collaboration with Ideal Diner come around?

Tom: “It just seemed like a natural thing for Indeed to do. Myself and many Indeed employees love eating at the Ideal Diner and we love the owner Kim (the owner of Ideal Diner) and her employees. Speaking with Kim, I learned that she was having a hard time getting soda in keg form for her old school soda dispenser. That got me thinking about making her at least one of her sodas.”

Tell me about the root beer brewing process and what ingredients are used.

Jon: “Each time we brew the root beer, we try out a new method of brewing as our knowledge and techniques evolve. As far as ingredients, we use a secret percentage of high quality honey and cane sugar, and the sugars we use are all natural. I think our best and most creative non-alcoholic beverages are yet to come.”

Pretty sweet logo. What was going through your mind when creating the visuals for this collaboration?

Andy: “Thanks! I wanted a logo that felt authentic to both Indeed and Ideal Diner. I think both brands have their own sense of nostalgia and root beer is an awesome way to bring two neighborhood business together”

What is the relationship with Indeed Brewing and Ideal Diner?

Tom: “I think a lot of our employees would describe our relationship by saying ‘Breakfast Buddies’ which are the Ideal Diner's delicious and convenient breakfast sandwiches often spotted at morning meetings. Seriously though, I see our relationship revolving around being neighbors and like-minded businesses that really care about Northeast, and love being part of the community.”

Do you think it's important for local businesses to collaborate together?

Tom: “Absolutely. We live in a world where everything is being mass produced and most of the profit is going to a very small number of people at the very top. This collaboration with Ideal Diner is a great example of two small businesses finding something to work on together that is mutually beneficial, fun, and fits with each of our company's values.”

Okay so the real question is...what's your favorite dish from Ideal Diner?

Tom: “I officially have a ‘usual’ at the Ideal Diner and it is not on the menu... It’s a California Chicken Sandwich with lettuce, tomatoes, raw onions, and mayo on a bun, with potato chips.”

Jon: “Let's not even pretend that anything could ever match the quality of a breakfast buddy on a muffin. You know it, I know it.”

Andy: “I love breakfast food. My go to is the ‘Working Man’ breakfast.”

And there you have it. The love of diner food really does bring us all together. Head into Ideal Diner to try the Ideal Root Beer or swing into our taproom for a taste! Cheers!

Sep 11/18

Hullabaloo 2018

Hullabaloo is back Saturday, October 6th, and Sunday, October 7th

Pumpkins and sweaters, crunching leaves and a cool breeze, Hullabaloo is back for another kick-off to all your favorite fall festivities! Join us October 6th and 7th for special beer releases, live music, delicious grub, and good autumn vibes. Pull out your beanies and flannels from the back of the closet and get ready for a Hullabaloo-ing good time!


You can enjoy all of Indeed’s flagships as well as a few limited beers! We’ll be pouring Day Tripper, B-Side Pils, Lucy Session Sour, and the brand new Flavorwave IPA. There will also be our Mix & Mingle Old Fashioned Brown, Stir Crazy Porter, Zwickelbier, and maybe—just maybe—some Yamma Jamma.


This year we’re showing you a glimpse of our off-site barrel-aging facility, the Woods, by giving the Ox some woodsy flair. Inside, we’ll be pouring Wooden Soul: Heliotropic and a rotating Wooden Soul fruited line so you can get your sour on in the Woods. As always, the mega talented Chuck U will be on-site displaying his incredible line-up of artwork.


You can’t drink a lot of beer without balancing it out with some hearty foods. Our pals at the Blue Door Pub will be joining us with loads of Totchos and sliders, and Aki’s BreadHaus will be slingin’ warm pretzels with a side of Day Tripper Mustard.


If live music, beer, and eating your weight in pretzels isn’t your thing, our friends at Get Knit will be hanging out doing some crafty stuff with us on Sunday! Bring the kiddos on down for a coloring session as well as Mr.YammaJamma head decorating!


SATURDAY, OCTOBER 6, 12 pm-11 pm

1 pm- Joe Kopel

2 pm- D Mills

3 pm- Tackie Annie

4 pm- Nick Jordan

5 pm- PaviElle

6 pm- Nazeem & Spencer Joles

7 pm- Lady Midnight with DJ Keezy

8 pm- Kill the Vultures

9 pm- Astralblak

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 12 pm-8 pm

1 pm-Jillian Rae

2 pm- Sarah Krueger

3 pm-Gabe Barnett

4 pm- Them Coulee Boys

5 pm- Kind Country

Hullabaloo 2018 takes place October 6th, 12pm to 11pm, and October 7th, 12pm to 8pm. This event is rain or shine so bring your ponchos! We will be selling a limited amount of merchandise on-site if you get too cold, too hot, or just need some new swag. Due to the often crowded area, and sometimes rowdy nature of this event, please leave your furry friends at home and please have tiny humans out of the taprooms by 8pm.

This event is CASH ONLY, so come prepared with your dough to avoid ATM lines. Entry is $1 at the door if you’re drinking, with all proceeds benefiting our charitable giving program, Indeed We Can.

Sep 4/18

A Flavorwave has Hit Indeed

Can you feel it? The rumblings of a Flavorwave have been building and it’s time to finally let it burst! Enter Flavorwave, a juicy and tropical IPA exploding with notes of pineapple and dank citrus. A blend of Denali, Citra, Mosaic, Centennial, and El Dorado hops give this beer a whirlpool of flavors sure to send your taste buds on a ride while remaining approachable. Flavorwave comes in at 6.2% ABV and 73 IBU pouring a sunlit golden color with a respectable amount of natural haze.


Our head brewer, Josh Bischoff, discusses his intentions for this brew, “For this beer, we felt it was appropriate to explore current trends in hopping techniques both in the brew kettle as well as dry hopping. We chose a handful of our favorite classic and new American hops, all leaning towards a juicy and fruity profile. The end results in layers (or waves) of hop flavor and aroma while leaving the "old school" signature IPA bitterness largely behind.”

This one has been a long time coming as we’ve meticulously curated a beer great for any season that’s perfectly balanced between a rounded hop bitterness and a crisp, refreshing mouthfeel. Our co-founder, Tom Whisenand, explains, “Our first year-round IPA, Flavorwave, is the ultimate result of six years of research, experimentation, and customer feedback. To commit to making a year-round IPA, we needed to convince ourselves that the experience while drinking the beer would not stale over time but actually compound for our customers much like Day Tripper has. It’s not a trendy, hazy IPA but it is also not some boring version of the style. It embodies the level of professionalism we foster at Indeed, the decades of experience our brewing staff possess, the feedback we hear from our customers, and is proof that innovation does not need to whack you over the head.”


For this can, we were inspired by nostalgic images and trends and wanted to stray away from our norm. We gave Chuck U lots of freedom with this one and he did not disappoint. “We wanted something different for the Flavorwave can. We let Chuck go wild with the landscape. It’s a departure in color and content while still working within the lineup.” Says our Marketing and Communications Manager, Kelly Moritz.


Won’t you join us and #RideTheWave? The Flavorwave, that is. Availability will begin next week on tap at your favorite local restaurants as well as in 12 oz. 6-packs at your neighborhood liquor store. Oh yeah, and we got some pretty sweet swag because who doesn’t love a throwback tee? Stay tuned for details on how you can get your own Flavorwave t-shirt.

Join us at one or all Flavorwave release parties including Brunson's Pub and Turtle’s Bar & Grill on September 12th, Red Cow on 50th and France September 13th, and Pizza Luce Hopkins on September 27th.