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Dec 8/15

Better with age? Our QC Manager breaks down cellaring beer

Cellaring it. Aging it. Saving it for a rainy day. If you can resist the temptation to crack open your brand new bottle of Rum King or Old Friend, intriguing things can happen over time. But knowing which beers to age, and for how long, and why, can be confusing, and no one wants to spoil a perfectly good bottle of beer in the long run. We asked our Quality Control Manager Daniel Howell to break it down, so you can sally forth into your cellaring foray with confidence!
How long should I age my beer?

At Indeed, we package beer that our brewers deem ready to consume. Your beer does not need to be aged at all. However, many beer drinkers find that the character of beer changes and sometimes changes for the better as a beer is aged. These interesting and enjoyable changes typically occur in higher alcohol beers.

How will my beer change over time?

Typically beer enthusiasts describe aged beer to be more mellow and more complex. This may be due to a number of factors, but this is likely due to oxidation of the malt components that may further meld with and possibly mask the alcohol in the beer. As beer sits undisturbed, small particulates also settle out (which will change the flavor of a beer).  If honey was used in the beer, the flavor profile of the honey tends to come to the forefront and develop nicely with some age on it. For example, the aging of LSD goes through a number of interesting changes.  In its youngest stage the lavender has historically dominated the profile.  With time the lavender, while still present, becomes more of a "team player" than "spot light" stealer.  The play between the caramel flavors of the dates and toasty-ness of the malt comes out more.  Also as I have found with all honey beers, with time the honey character really starts to come out and shine through.  With time there is a cinnamon character that develops and I'm not exactly sure which component or combination is responsible.

Where should I store aging beer?

Beer should be aged at “cellar temperatures.” Typically this is around 45-50 degrees F. Warmer temperatures will speed up aging reactions and may lead to undesirable flavors (described as paper and cardboard). Cooler temperatures will not harm the beer but will slow the aging process. Beer should always be kept in a dark location.

How long is too long to age my beer?

Beer should be aged long enough, but not longer. This is a very hard question to answer. The beer changes as it ages in an manner that is not completely predictable. If you have an aged beer that is good, it could get better but it could also get worse. This is the gamble that has to be made when aging beer.

Why does beer change in flavor over time?

The primary change in beer flavor in time comes from oxidation. When beer is packaged, a small amount of oxygen is trapped in the package. This, along with the small amount of oxygen that can “creep” in over time, leads to slow oxidation of the malt. This oxidation typically creates sweet, caramel-like characters and can even give beer a sherry-like flavor and aroma. Time and, again, oxygen can also change the character of the hops. The aroma and flavor of hops tend to disappear and the bitterness can become more aggressive.

How can I tell if my beer is too old?

The changes in the flavor associated with oxidation will become stronger and more pronounced as the beer ages. When these flavors are no longer enjoyable, the beer is too old. An easy way to tell if a beer is too old is to check the date code on the package. At Indeed, we include batch numbers and “Best By” dates on our cans and 12 packs. Not all breweries date code their packaged beer, but at Indeed we think it’s vital that the customer has all the information they need to make an informed purchase. Buying fresh beer shouldn’t be a game of roulette.

Are Indeed beers made to be aged?

We expect all of our higher-alcohol specialty beers to age well (LSD, Rum King, Old Friend, and Mexican Honey). If you buy one of our specialty beers in a 750 ml bottle and it is wax finished, this beer should age well. We do not recommend aging our year-round or seasonal 12 oz. can offerings; these beers are meant to be consumed fresh. For all canned beer, check the bottom for the best by date.   

Thanks, Daniel! And if all this talk of aged beer has whet your whistle, we've got just the ticket, just in time for the holidays: curated gift sets for giving or receiving, including a Rum King vertical ('14, '15), 2015 vintages of Hot Box and LSD, and a lovely three year vertical of Old Friend Holiday Ale. Gift sets are available while supplies last in our Gear Shop, open Wednesday-Sundays.

Oct 1/15

Indeed Brewing Company expands distribution to North Dakota!

Here at Indeed Brewing Company, we've partnered with Johnson Brothers to expand our distribution territory to North Dakota statewide!

We kicked off this latest expansion at the Fargo Beer Fest on September 26nd, and begin selling beer on October 1st. Beginning November 2nd, Indeed will also begin distributing to Western Minnesota, including Detroit Lakes, Moorhead, and Alexandria. This new territory will be handled by the Artisan Beer Company, a Minnesota craft beer distributor owned by Johnson Brothers.

"We are thrilled to be representing Indeed Brewing," says Todd Johnson, COO of Johnson Brothers. "We've been admirers of these outstanding beers for a long time, and this is exciting news for beer lovers in North Dakota and Western Minnesota."

Indeed’s move to North Dakota feels like coming home for a few key players at the brewery. “Having grown up in Grand Forks, I can’t wait to belly up to the bar and order a pint of Indeed beer in my home state of North Dakota,” says Indeed Brewing Co-founder and President Nathan Berndt. “North Dakota is a state where we want to sell beer, not where we have to sell beer. I can’t wait to help Johnson Brothers bring Indeed beer to all four corners!”

Co-founder Tom Whisenand also has deep roots in North Dakota, where his grandfather owned and operated the Park Package liquor store in Williston for thirty years. “We were all surprised to learn that Bob Nelson at Johnson Brothers used to call on my grandfather at Park Package,” says Whisenand. “It turns out that we go way back with Johnson Brothers, and now we’re looking to the future with them, too.”

Indeed Brewing and Johnson Brothers look forward to bringing Indeed’s full lineup of quality craft beer to Western Minnesota and North Dakota, including seasonal offerings like the newly released Let it Roll IPA and Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale, specialty releases such as barrel-aged Rum King Imperial Stout, and three year-round beers: Dandy Lager Pale Lager, Midnight Ryder Black IPA, and Day Tripper Pale Ale.

Sep 24/15

Indeed heads to Denver for GABF

Today marks the kick-off of the 2015 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, Colorado, and we've got an Indeed crew headed out west to join in the festivities! Founded in 1982 and hosted annually, GABF brings together a staggering number of craft breweries from across the country to join in this long-standing, top-notch craft beer fest.

There's a hugely popular ticketed tasting open to the public, and, in the spirit of healthy competition, breweries submit their beers to GABF to be judged by a private panel of experts. Each brewery is allowed to enter up to five beers in a variety of categories. This year Indeed entered these beers for consideration:

  • Bock, in the Bock category
  • LSD Ale brewed with Lavender, Sunflower Honey, and Dates, in the Herb and Spice category
  • Mexican Honey Imperial Lager in the Honey category
  • Shenanigans Summer Ale in the American Wheat without Yeast category
  • Mojito Shenanigans in the Experimental category

Curious how we choose which beers to submit? Let's tap Head Brewer Josh Bischoff to give us some insight into the selection process. Josh tells us, "We generally start with a list of the brews we think would do well and then start tasting them to see where they are at in there aging process and looking into categories for them.  Hoppy categories are always really crowded with over a 100 entries most of the time, so we tend to shy away from those categories.  From there it's just a matter of talking through the list and picking what we think is peaking flavor-wise at the right time, and whether there is a category each beer fits nicely into."

You might be wondering, "What makes GABF such a big deal?" Josh explains, "It's a great celebration of American craft beer, and it's pretty cool to be able to get a large percentage of the breweries in the United States in one place for a weekend. The competition itself is really tough. The last few years there's been around 3,000 beers entered with only 92 categories and three medals per category." Thats only 276 medals for thousands of beers entered! This hardware is hard to come by, so winning a medal at GABF is something worth celebrating.

The awards ceremony takes place this Saturday, September 26th, so we'll be on pins and needles from afar waiting to hear the results and wishing good luck to all of our favorite breweries in the competition from Minnesota and beyond. Stay tuned for any big GABF-related news to come!

Sep 11/15

Indeed's 4th Annual Hullabaloo!

Lace up your foot-stomping boots and come thirsty, y’all: It’s the 4th Annual Hullabaloo! Two full days YAM-PACKED with the brews, bands, and molten cheese-filled burgers you love. On Saturday October 10th (12-10pm) and Sunday October 11th (12-8pm) we’ll be throwing down with our annual harvest hoe-down. Celebrate the turning of the season with the return of Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale, our Hullabaloo cask wagon, and the release of 2015 Rum King*! Fuel up with eats from Blue Door Pub, get down with music by First Avenue, and knock back your favorite Indeed beer with us. We’re getting everything ready, now we just need you. Let’s Hullabaloo!

The nitty gritty: Hullabaloo is tented and free to attend, and we do party on come RAIN OR SHINE. All ages are welcome, though things do get crowded, loud, and boisterous and we’d prefer the party (like our taproom) to be adults-only after 8pm. We love pooches, but for these two days, please leave them at home. Save on time and ATM fees and bring CASH for the outdoor bars, cask wagon, and can stations. Stay in the know when you RSVP to our event on Facebook here.

Hullabaloo 2015 Line-up


12:30 – TYTE JEFF

SUNDAY 10/11


*RUM KING Bottle Release Details

$18.49/bottle, limit 4 bottles per person Bottles will go on sale at 11am, October 10th-11th

Sep 4/15

'The Ox' is open for business!

After much dust, sweat, and beers, we are proud to unveil The Ox, our auxiliary taproom expansion! Boasting a beautiful bird's eye maple bar, plenty of seating, and a full tap list, The Ox was built to accommodate. Whether it's catching the spillover from a jam-packed Saturday night taproom crowd or housing your next private event, The Ox is here for you!

Coming soon, we'll also have a full Gear Shop to browse and shop in The Ox. Stay tuned with us on social media or by signing up for our newsletter, and we'll keep you posted with details on the grand opening.

On the first floor of the Solar Arts Building, just down the hall from where you usually find us, our new space is big, bright, and most importantly, full of beer! Come see for yourself. We'll meet you at The Ox.

Sep 3/15

Introducing our newest 12-packs!

Even if you're not heading back to school this week with fresh kicks and a backpack full of books, we're here with a little math problem to work through.

It's a softball, sure, but we think you'll like it. What do you get when you take a 6-pack of Indeed beer, double it, and pack it all in a handy, portable, shareable container? That's right, 12-packs. A+

12-packs are now available for two of our year-round beers: Day Tripper, our signature hoppy Pale Ale, and Dandy Lager, a crisp, clean Pale Lager. Clear some room in your fridge (you weren't going to eat that kale, let's be honest), and stock up on two of your favorite Indeed beers, now available by the dozen.

For bonus points on this impromptu quiz, when you pick up a 12-pack of Day Tripper you'll get a sneak preview of what our newly redesigned flagship cans will look like, once we work through our existing stock.

Look for 12-packs of Dandy Lager and Day Tripper to hit liquor store shelves this week!

Aug 13/15

Quality Manager Daniel Howell expands on the magical powers of yeast

The next time you take a sip of that beautiful beer in your hand, don't take it for granted! Stop and thank the hard-working yeast responsible for the magic in that glass. Behind all those bubbles and booze are trillions of yeast cells carefully cultivated and coddled by our brewers to turn wort into beer. It's not rocket science, technically, but there's actually a lot of science involved, so we asked our Quality Manager Daniel Howell to drop some knowledge on us about yeast.

What is yeast?
Technically speaking, yeast are unicellular fungi. When talking about brewers yeast, there are two important species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae (ale yeast) and Saccharomyces pastorianus (lager yeast) with each species having countless strains. While there is a lot of variation among different strains, the vast majority of the beer in the world is made by 2 of these two species.

What is the difference between ale and lager yeast? Ale yeast are typically used at warmer fermentation temperatures (65-70°F+) and lager yeast are typically used at cooler fermentation temperatures (45-55°F). The differences in the fermentation temperature helps drive the differences in the resulting beers. Ales tend to ferment a little quicker and produce more fruity characters (think apple, pear, berry, and banana). Lagers tend to ferment slower and are sometimes described to be "smoother" or "crisp" (which is a combination of fewer fruity and more sulfur compounds).

What does yeast do for us? For the beer?
Well, the real question should be "what do we do for the yeast?" In the brewhouse, almost all the steps in brewing are performed with one thing in mind: keep the yeast happy. In return for making them happy, the yeast transform the wort (sugar, bitter malty water) into a tasty, fizzy, alcoholic beverage.

So, what makes the yeast happy? How do you know they are happy?

Yeast cells in the hemocytometer counting grid, magnified 400x.

In general, yeast want two things: to eat and to reproduce. Yeast's food of choice is sugar, which we oblige by providing them with malt-derived carbohydrates in the wort. To reproduce (which is referred to as budding), the yeast need energy (from the sugar) and oxygen to help build new cellular material. To determine if the yeast are happy, we can take a small sample of the yeast and look at them under the microscope. In the picture here, you can see a few cells that are darker blue in color. These cells are what we refer to as "non-vaible." When we are using yeast to make beer, we want as few non-viable cells as possible.

How much yeast does it take to make beer?

A hemocytometer, used for counting yeast.

A lot. For example, in Day Tripper, we aim to start fermentation with 9 million yeast cells per milliliter of beer. That means in our standard 60 barrel (1,860 gallon) fermenter we use 63 trillion yeast cells. This number depends on the beer and is typically double in lagers (you need more yeast for the cold fermentation). To count the amount of yeast in a given sample, we use a special device called a hemocytometer which allows us to place a precise amount of liquid in a grid and look at it under the microscope. By counting the amount of yeast in the grid, we can determine the number of yeast per milliliter of sample.

Where do you get all that yeast?
We purchase our house ale and lager yeast from a supply company (Wyeast Laboratories). Luckily, in the process of making beer, the yeast also reproducing making more yeast. In most beers, the amount of yeast will increase 3 to 5 fold. So, that means from 1 batch of Day Tripper, for example, we will have enough yeast for 3-5 subsequent beers.

How do you get the yeast from one beer to the next?
At Indeed we use fermenters that have a cone-shaped bottom. When the yeast is done fermenting, it clumps together (flocculates) and settles out. The sloped sides of the tank concentrate the yeast to the bottom. When we are ready to use the yeast, a brewer connects a special modified keg to the bottom of the tank and collects a certain amount of yeast. By taking a sample of the yeast and counting it in the lab, we know exactly how many pounds of yeast need to be added to the next batch.

How many times do you re-use the yeast? And what do you do with it when you are done?

We re-use our yeast in about 10 fermentations before we bring in a new supply. Overuse can result in changes in the flavor profile of the beer and may result in poor or slow fermentation. Most of our yeast is removed using our centrifuge separator.

So what have we learned today? If the fungi are happy, everybody's happy. Thanks for the lesson on the power of yeast, Daniel!

Jun 24/15

It's Dandy Hour somewhere!

It's almost #DandyHour! We're celebrating the release of our third flagship beer Dandy Lager in cans with a tasting blitz the likes of which you've never seen.

Wherever you are in the Twin Cities on Friday July 10th, join us for #DandyHour! It's your chance to get one of the first sips of Dandy Lager straight from the fresh new can.

Someone from Indeed will be sampling at all of these fine liquor stores, all at the same time:
Cheers Wine & Spirits (Bloomington location)
Eden Prairie Liquor (Near Cub Foods)
Edina Liquor (Southdale Location)
Haskell's Excelsior 
Lowertown Wine & Spirits
Lunds & Byerlys Downtown Minneapolis
Total Wine & More - Woodbury
Northgate Liquors (5-7pm)

Get social! Meet us at the tasting blitz and tag your photos and tweets with the hashtag #DandyHour. It's #DandyHour somewhere!

Jun 9/15

Shenanigans infusions are taking flight in the taproom!

Summer is time for Shenanigans! If you’ve been following along here on the blog, you know all about our newly released Derailed Series kettle-soured Mojito Shenanigans. But did you know that this version is just the latest iteration in a long line of fun, creative, and damn tasty Shenanigans infusions?

This Thursday afternoon in the taproom we’re turning happy hour into Shenanigans Infusion Flight Night from 3-6pm to showcase a few of our current favorites. This one-night-only flight includes Shenanigans Summer Ale, Lemongrass, Bitter Orange Peel cask, and kettle-soured Mojito Shenanigans for $12!

Head Brewer Josh Bischoff digs a little deeper for us into how the infusion process works: “We have kegs to which we added a 5" port on the side, so we can easily add ingredients and then fill the keg with whatever beer we are using. From there, the process depends on the ingredient we are using. For teas we brew a concentrated tea and then add that directly to the infusion keg. For fruits, we either use whole fruits, purees, or concentrates. Those get added to the infusion kegs as well, then aged with the beer for usually a week or so, then the beer gets transferred back to a non-infusion keg and served.”

Shenanigans Summer Ale is particularly receptive to flavor infusions and knows how to show them off. Josh explains, “Shenanigans is a good base because it's light another that we can add pretty much whatever we want and not have the infusion flavors fighting with overpowering flavors from the beer.  That said, Shenanigans also has a nice malt and citrusy flavor profile to contribute to the infusion, so it still has a presence.”

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to our Shenanigans infusions and flavor combinations, but Josh says, “ Infusion ideas come from the brewers talking about what flavors we think would be interesting and would work in the beer we are going to infuse. A lot of our infusions come from things I enjoy when I’m not drinking beer, things like Mojitos, tea, and Arnie Palmers.”

You keep dreaming them up, we’ll happily keep drinking them down.

Shenanigans Infusion Flight Night
Thursday June 11th, 3-6pm

Jun 4/15

Mojito Shenanigans is back, with a twist

Mojito Shenanigans is back for more fun in the sun, now with an innovative twist.

Head Brewer Josh Bischoff explains, “Mojito Shenanigans has been a popular infusion in the taproom, and we’ve always wanted to do larger quantities of it. We weren’t convinced that we wanted to just dump a bunch of lime juice into our beer, so we were trying to come up with a cool way to do a large-scale version of it. 

At the latest Craft Brewers Conference we attended a kettle souring seminar and we decided that might be a good way to go about it.” Using this process known as kettle souring, we dosed Shenanigans with lactobacillus bacteria in a 120-degree kettle for about 36 hours, which sours the wort and makes it tart. We then boil that wort as normal, add hops, and ferment with our house yeast before adding a generous amount of lime puree and mint. Kettle souring means we can ramp up production of this wildly popular summer beer.

Our Derailed Series Mojito Shenanigans is as light and refreshing as the Cuban cocktail itself, bursting with the flavors of fresh lime and mint. Salud!

Jun 3/15

Behind the scenes of our latest expansion project, a second taproom and gift shop!

Indeed is a growing brewery, and things are getting a little tight round these parts, especially in the taproom area.  As Co-founder and Director of Operations Tom Whisenand told reporter Clare Kennedy at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, "The demand for taprooms has grown like crazy and ours has only gotten busier. Our biggest complaint now is that people can't get in." Now, we're not whining! This is a great problem to have. But we thought, why not work to make a little more room for everyone to enjoy if we can?

Enter our as-yet-unnamed second taproom! It's a work in progress, but we've got big plans for the space, housed on the first floor of the Solar Arts Building down the hall from our current taproom. Not only will we pour and serve beer at our newly installed 17-foot bar and accommodate overflow from the busy taproom, but we'll also have a gift shop for guests to peruse our latest selection of Indeed merch, and an increased capacity for private events, currently only held on Mondays and Tuesdays when our main taproom is closed.

The crew has been chipping away at this major project behind the scenes; construction, wiring, plumbing, and all the technical details of the space are well underway. If everything goes swimmingly, we expect to open the new space to the public by July. Stay tuned for developments along the way! We can't wait to throw the door up and welcome you in.

May 28/15

Let it Ride with a free bike check from Varsity Bike & Transit

Freewheeling on two wheels, sun on your face, wind in your hair; it's all fine and dandy until someone gets a flat due to an improperly-inflated tube.

Friends don't let friends ride unprepared. So grab your biking buddies and stop in to the Indeed Brewing taproom this Sunday, May 31st, from 12-3pm for a free bike check-over from the folks at Varsity Bike & Transit! Where else can you enjoy a cold Let it Ride IPA on the patio while the pros from Varsity complete a complimentary inspection on your bike? Check out the event and RSVP on Facebook.

Swing by this Sunday and get your bike a clean bill of health so you can 'hop on' all summer long.

May 26/15

Indeed's Quality Manager Daniel Howell clears the air on hazy beer

Let it Ride IPA, two ways: Hazy, turbid beer on the left; clear, bright beer on the right, after a spin in the centrifuge.

The topic of beer clarity can get a little, ahem, hazy. So we sat down with Indeed Brewing Company's Quality Manager Daniel Howell to see if he could shed some light on a cloudy subject.

Daniel Howell, Quality Manager

What is beer clarity? Why does it matter?

Clarity is simply how clear a beer is or, in technical terms, a lack of turbidity. Chefs often say that you eat with your eyes first, and I would contend it is the same for beer. The clarity of a beer is the first impression that we, the brewers, get to make with the consumer. The desired clarity of our beer can vary from brand to brand from hazy, like Shenanigans Summer Ale, to very bright, like Let it Ride IPA. Whatever the style, we strive to achieve consistent clarity in every can or pint of Indeed beer consumed.

What causes haze?

When fermentation is complete, all beer is hazy and turbid. The overall turbidity of the beer can have contributions from all the ingredients that go into making beer, including yeast, malt, and hops.

Does Indeed filter their beer?

Most of the beer produced worldwide is filtered. However, at Indeed we have decided not to filter our beer. Filtering strips some of the natural character from the beer, and we've decided that we would prefer to present a beer to our customers that has the maximum possible character. Filtration also creates a large amount of waste. After filtration, the filter medium must be disposed of and, while compostable options do exist, this disposal typical means more refuse that is destined for the landfill.

What does Indeed do to reduce the haze in their beer?

Hazy, turbid beer on top, pre-centrifuge. Below: Bright, clear beer, post-centrifuge

Without filtration, there are three primary options to reduce haze in our beer: time, temperature, and "accelerated gravity" from our centrifuge.

  • After fermentation is complete, all of Indeed's beers spend time in the fermentation tank conditioning, which allows the haze-causing particles to form and settle.
  • After fermentation is complete, our beer is cooled to approximately 32F (or colder) to encourage haze particle to settle.
  • If left cold for enough time, most of beer would become exceptionally bright. But, for many of our beers, that means we would be selling an already aged product. Instead, we use a centrifuge separator that, in a sense, "accelerates" gravity. The beer passing through a series a plates that are spinning very fast such that the particles in the beer are thrown to the side and the clear beer passes through.
After all that, why do I sometimes get hazy Indeed beer?

After our beer is centrifuged, it is very clear. But after centrifugation, the beer packaged, and exposed to a rather harsh environment: turbulence, oxygen and heat. All these "enemies of beer" combine to promote the combination of malt proteins and hop polyphenols. These newly formed particles start small and get bigger as the beer continues to age. Initially, these new particles are only visible when the beer is cold and will re-dissolve when the beer is warmed. Thus, this is aptly named "chill haze". As the particle grow even larger, they no longer re-dissolve when warmed and are referred to as "permanent haze".

How does this haze effect my beer?

The simple answer is that it doesn't. Neither of these forms of haze are more than cosmetic. They do not affect the flavor, aroma, or mouthfeel of the beer at all.

Well, there you have it, folks. Beer clarity, clarified! Thanks, Daniel.

May 22/15

Hungry Creatures: Frozen Watermelon Shenanigans

Hungry Creatures is a new feature about pairing, eating, and cooking with Indeed beer.

So, technically, summer starts on the solstice. But hey, it’s been a long, cold winter and we’re ready to roll with everything the season has to offer. It’s time for camping gear and lawn games, a hammock and a fishing pole. Oh, and parties. Lots of parties. Everyone you know is currently coming out of hibernation and ready to kick it in the sunshine with a beer.

Are you ready to be a backyard barbeque hero this summer? Hungry Creatures is here with a simple recipe for beer-soaked, slushy party treats to share: Frozen Watermelon Shenanigans. All you need is a watermelon and our Shenanigans Summer Ale. Ball or cube up the watermelon into a wide shallow bowl, soak with a can or two cans of Shenanigans, and let sit at room temperature. After an hour or so, spread the ale-infused fruit onto a sheet pan and pop into the freezer for at least an hour. Share, and watch the shenanigans unfold.

Just in time for your long weekend, our Shenanigans Summer Ale is now available in 12 packs! That means you can throw together a batch of Frozen Watermelon Shenanigans with plenty of beer left to throw in the cooler, too. Pick up a Shenanigans 12 pack or two and tote one along wherever your Memorial Day weekend takes you for double the summertime shenanigans.

May 19/15

What a Whirlygig!

Wow. Just, wow! Whirlygig knocked our socks off.

The music? First Avenue nailed it. The food? So tasty. The beer? Let's just say it was hard to pick a crowd favorite, but L.S.D. and the new Dandy Lager topped the list outdoors, while Wooden Soul #2 and Arnie Palmer-infused Shenanigans got some serious play in the taproom.

We had some fun with new additions to the party, including a 5K run from MN Brewery Running Series, a neat DIY whirlygig station created by our crafty friends at GetKnit Events, and Blue Goose Photo Booth capturing the Whirlygig shenanigans from inside their vintage VW van.

You know we have to shout out our staff, who worked their magic behind the scenes from every corner of the brewery. If you don't mind us getting a little sappy, the teamwork was really something else. And if you didn't notice how much work it takes to put on a party like this, good! We did it right.

Above all, Whirlygig was a hit thanks to you. You came out in droves and spent some of your Art-a-Whirl with us, between gallery tours, performance pieces, maker fairs, and everything else this incredible Northeast weekend has to offer.

Stepping back from the chaos and looking out over the packed parking lot as Saturday night headliner Mark Mallman played to a rain-soaked crowd of smiling, dancing people with Indeed beer in hand -- for us, it doesn't get much better than that.

Let's do it again next year, yeah?

Photos by Stephen Maturen

May 6/15

For one night only, experience three years of L.S.D.

With its kaleidoscopic co-mingling of out-of-the-box ingredients, L.S.D. is a one of a kind trip.

Head Brewer Josh Bischoff dreamt up the idea to brew with lavender, sunflower honey, and dates while working at Town Hall Brewery in Minneapolis. Even for an adventurous brewery like Town Hall where brewers are given room to play, a lavender beer was a pretty big question mark. Josh recalls, “To this day it has been the only beer brewed there during the Mike Hoops era that he requested a pilot be brewed first!”

To celebrate the 2015 release of L.S.D. we’re offering a unique tasting flight in the taproom, for one night only on Thursday May 7, starting at 3pm.

Sample this year’s L.S.D. alongside the 2014 and 2013 vintages and explore the ways this beer morphs and shifts as it ages from a fresh, young profile dominated by lavender. Josh explains, “With time the lavender becomes more of a ‘team player’ than a ‘spotlight stealer.’ The play between the caramel flavors of the dates and toastiness of the malt emerge, and the honey character really starts to shine through.”

Join us for this cool vertical tasting, and consider picking up a few bottles of 2015 L.S.D.; some for now, some for later, and some to cellar for your own future verticals!

Apr 30/15

10,000 Minutes of Minnesota Craft Beer with Indeed Brewing

Can we take a minute of your time? After all, a week has 10,000 of them.

Our Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild presents 10,000 Minutes of Minnesota Craft Beer from May 4 – May 10, 2015. It's a week-long celebration of our craft brewing scene here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, from tap takeovers and beer releases to specialty casks and happy hour specials. Over 100 events are happening around the state.

We're not suggesting you spend the whole week with us, but carve out some time in your busy beer-focused schedule for Indeed! Here's where you can find us during 10,000 Minutes of Minnesota Craft Beer:


PINdeed @ Grumpy’s Northeast, 5-10:30pm
Three pins, plus Wooden Soul #1 and #2, and Port barrel-aged BeCherry!

MN Craft Beer Dinner @ Cocina del Barrio Edina, 6:30-9:30pm
Featuring Indeed, Summit, Fulton, Surly, and Bauhaus!


Barrel-Aged Reckage @ Halftime Rec, 4-10pm
Indeed Rum King, Surly Darkness, Lift Bridge Silhouette

Indeed & Surly @ Grizzly’s in Plymouth, 4-7pm
Wooden Soul #2, Haywire, Mexican Cousin, Port Barrel-Aged BeCherry


L.S.D. Release @ Indeed Brewing Taproom, 3pm

Shenanigans Cocktail Extravaganza @ Bryant Lake Bowl, all-day
Shenanigans cocktails and bowling!

Indeed Tap Takeover @ 3 Squares in Maple Grove, 5-7pm


L.S.D. Vertical Flight @ Indeed Brewing Taproom, 3-6pm

Indeed Tasting @ Total Wine Woodbury, 6:30-8:30pm
‘Support Your Local Craft Brewery’ Sampling Event

Indeed Tasting @ Falls Liquor Minneapolis, 5-7pm

Acoustic Happy Hour with Dandy Lager @ The Dubliner, 5-8pm
Buy a Dandy Lager, keep the pint glass!


Infusion Bonanza @ Indeed Brewing Taproom, 3pm

Indeed Tasting @ G-will in Brooklyn Park, 5-7pm

Let It Ride Firkin @ Grumpy’s Downtown, 12pm

L.S.D. Firkin @ The Happy Gnome, 5pm

Lager Fest @ Republic 7 Corners, all-day
Featuring Dandy Lager and Derailed Series Bock!


Indeed Tasting @ Total Wine Bloomington, 12-3pm

Apr 28/15

L.S.D. is coming soon! Are you experienced?

Hello, beautiful stranger. A kaleidoscopic spiral of Lavender, Sunflower honey, and Dates, L.S.D. sets the stage for a mind-bending beer experience as electrifying floral aromas dance atop rich notes of fruit and honey. L.S.D. is available in 750ml bottles and on draft starting on Monday, May 4, in very limited quantities.

Specialty ingredients play center stage in this recipe with the addition of Lavender, Sunflower Honey and Dates. "There's a fine line between a pleasant lavender character, and turning the beer into perfume," says Head Brewer Josh Bischoff. L.S.D. perfects that delicate balance with the addition of honey to tame the flowery aroma, and dates, which add a caramel sweetness. This unique beer was a medal winner at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival in the Herb and Spice category.

L.S.D. pours a light copper color with slight haze and a creamy white head. Bright, fresh-cut lavender fragrance dominates the nose, with rich brown sugar, vegetal honey, and notes of dark dates, plums, raisins. The taste of lavender is strong, yet balanced, and melds with a rich, mead-like honey base and a complex date fruitiness, making this beer potently floral, herbal, and unexpectedly drinkable.

Apr 9/15

Get ready for Whirlygig 2015 at Indeed!

Get Whirly! Same big bash, big new name. Indeed Brewing Company presents WHIRLYGIG 2015. Whirlygig is our third annual spring celebration, and it’s going down during the Northeast Arts District’s biggest weekend of the year!

Our brewery blow-out kicks off Friday May 15 through Sunday May 17. Fuel your artistic adventures all weekend long with three days of live music presented by First Avenue, food trucks, and plenty of your favorite Indeed brews.

Whirlygig hours: Friday May 15, 3-11pm. Saturday May 16 12-11pm. Sunday May 17 12-8pm. 

New this year on Sunday May 17, MN Brewery Running is kicking off the festivities with a fun 5K, and Get Knit will be getting crafty with a DIY whirlygig station. Tap Minneapolis will provide free clean water filling stations throughout the weekend, and Eureka will be on hand to help us make Whirlygig 2015 a zero-waste event! Food will be provided throughout the weekend by GastrotruckEl Taco RiendoRed River KitchenNatedogsSimply Steve’s, and Little G’s Pizzeria.

We're crossing the t's and dot the i's on all the party details, dreaming of blue skies, great crowds, and a glass of soon-to-be released LSD. And that line-up! Get ready for three full days of bands knocking your socks off from our parking lot Whirlygig stage:

FRIDAY MAY 15 6:00pm Driftwood Pyre 7:00pm Little Man 8:00pm Slim Cessna's Auto Club

SATURDAY MAY 16 1:00pm The Ventures Cover Band 2:00pm Mike Gunther 3:00pm Rich Mattson & The Northstars 4:00pm Sam Cassidy 5:00pm Erik Koskinen Band 6:00pm American Scarecrows 7:00pm Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band 8:00pm Rupert Angeleyes 9:00pm Mark Mallman

SUNDAY MAY 17 1:00pm Steve Palmer 2:00pm Peter Lang 3:00pm Ben Weaver 4:00pm Paul Metzger 5:00pm Grant Hart Free! Rain or shine! See you there?

Mar 27/15

Introducing Wooden Soul #2!

We're getting our weekend off to a very sour start! And in this case, that's a very good thing. The mysterious powers that be in the barrel room saw fit to send us a new beer. Introducing Wooden Soul #2!

Wooden Soul #2 is a Sour Blonde Ale aged in Sauvignon Blanc barrels, sourced from Northern California wine country. This complex beer is a blend, fermented with four strains of Brettanomyces yeast and two strains of Lactic Acid Bacteria.

Brewer Adam Theis walks us through the selection and blending process, explaining, “We went through 32 barrels total, and for each of them we said either, ‘That’s good, that’s ready,’ or, ‘Let’s leave that one another six months and see what happens to it.’ We ended up with 16 barrels that we thought were at their best right now."

Hazy and straw-colored, this beer has complex aromas of bright citrus, melon rind, and barn yard funk. Refreshingly tart, Wooden Soul #2 is light and effervescent, with notes of sparkling lemonade, granny smith apples, and dry white wine.

Wooden Soul #2 will be available for a limited time in the taproom! Come in soon for a taste of this second release from our barrel-aging program.

More about Wooden Soul

Sour. Funky. Wild. Barrel-aged. Wooden Soul encompasses a stunning array of unique styles of beer, produced by the dynamic relationships between natural microorganisms when left to their own devices. Wooden Soul beers are developed using various strains of Brettanomyces, bacteria, or both, and almost all of the beers will spend some time aging in wood. There will be a spectrum of flavor and aroma produced from our wild yeast and bacteria. Some may be incredibly sour, while others may be more funky, fruity, or earthy. There is a certain degree of wonder and mysticism in our barrel room. The whole world could be explained scientifically, but sometimes it’s more enjoyable just to marvel at the unknown.

Mar 23/15

Double down with Haywire: it's beer brewed with beer!

'Beer brewed with beer.' That's Haywire in a nutshell! To make our Double American Black Ale, we use hopped wort for the second mash where any 'sane' brewing process would use water. It's not an easy technique. In fact, this beer earned it's name from it's ability to make operations in the brewery go awry! But the extra effort results in a uniquely assertive and flavor-pounded style of beer.

Is Haywire crazy-hoppy and high gravity? Yes, it most definitely is. We use 10 pounds of hops per barrel making this beer, including Citra, Centennial, El Dorado and Sorachi Ace. To put that in perspective, Day Tripper, hoppy by most standards, uses a mere 4 pounds of hops per barrel. But Haywire is more than just an in your face hop-bomb. With a rock solid malt foundation with a strong flavor profile of its own, Haywire manages to be both off-the-charts in flavor but still well-balanced.

Haywire pours a rich, dark brown color verging on true black, with a thick, creamy tan head. The distinguishing aromas are sappy pine and bright citrus, married with dark caramel and burnt toast. Bold piney, resinous hop flavor meets an equally strong malt profile with complex flavors of burnt sugar, molasses, and chicory coffee.  Haywire is full-bodied with ample carbonation, a slight kick of alcohol heat, and a bitter, dry finish.

If Haywire sounds like it's up your alley, move fast! This beer is only available for a short amount of time on draft and in bottles, and is best consumed fresh. Republic 7 Corners is hosting us for the release of this year's Haywire at 6pm on Tuesday, March 24th They'll be offering up a flight of 'Short, Dark, and Hoppy' Indeed beers to sample: Haywire Double American Black Ale, a pin of Haywire dry-hopped with Citra hops, Midnight Ryder Black IPA on nitro, and Midnight Ryder infused with Dogwood Neon Espresso. Join us, and we'll enjoy the fruits of our labor, double-brewed and extra-special.

In addition to the release at Republic, we'll be shipping out bottles on the 24th to select liquor stores. Haywire will release in the Indeed taproom on Wednesday March 25th, as well as in select bars and restaurants! Follow along on Twitter (@indeedbrewing) where we'll be posting and re-posting Haywire's availability around town. Prepare your palate to double down!

Mar 13/15

Get to know our Derailed Series, now featuring a Bavarian-style Bock!

Fast and loose. Up for anything. That’s our Derailed Series. It’s a breeding ground for new ideas, and a welcome chance for our brewers to break out of their everyday routines and recipes. These guys are experts at brewing the beers you know and love, but they’ve each got their own backgrounds and taste and technique they bring with them; Derailed offers them a chance to test, to play, to create. If our flagship beers are our foundation, and the seasonals are our four walls, then Derailed beers are the personalized touches around the house, the things you don’t really need but which fill a place with personality. Like a vintage tiki bar in the basement. Or taxidermy.

Thanks to the Derailed Series, and our adventures in infusion and casked beer, we were able to represent at an event like the Minnesota Craft Brewer’s Guild’s Winterfest 2015 with 12 different styles of beer poured over the course of two nights, almost all of which were rare, limited release, or otherwise unique to the festival. It was a treat for us to share these beers with this group of craft beer enthusiasts, beers like the previously retired Derailed BeCherry aged in port barrels, our newly released Derailed Bock, and big hits of the weekend like our Margarita Mexican Cousin infused with lime and salt, and the wildly popular Apricot Saison. We had a blast, and being voted Best Brewery on Friday, February 27 of Winterfest 2015 was a happy bonus! Cultivating Derailed and its spin-offs embraces exploration, and allows us to fill out our line-up with out-of-the-box brews.

So, what’s on tap for Derailed right now? Let’s revisit that Bock. Toasty and nutty, with aromas of caramel and juicy raisins, our Derailed Series Bock was masterfully crafted by brewer Dan Stavig with an all-German malt bill, German hops, and “the power of the Reinheitsgebot [German beer purity law].” Dan comes to us by way of Schell’s Brewing Company, and as he puts it, “Working at Schell's for a couple years gave me a passion for German lagers. There's never a shortage of hoppy ales at Indeed, so I figured a big but balanced lager would be a nice change of pace, both from a brewing/fermentation standpoint and from a drinking one.” Malty and satisfying, Dan’s Derailed Bock pours a deep mahogany brown and goes down smoothly with a luxurious mouthfeel. Round-bodied, well-balanced, and warming, it’s just the kind of liquid bread we need to see us through to Spring.

Thirsty yet? Then come see us in the taproom! With the exception of festivals and special tappings around town, our taproom is often the only place to get a taste of the latest Derailed Series offerings. We're hearing whispers of Derailed beers to come, from an oatmeal stout, to a session IPA, to an homage to a local donut shop's much-loved maple stick (fingers crossed). Stop in, see what's new, and stay awhile. You might just be shoulder to shoulder with the brewer behind that beer in your hand.

Feb 19/15

Let it Ride IPA is back: Hop on!

Brewed with an unfettered blend of Mosaic, Calypso, and El Dorado hops, LET IT RIDE is back! Our seasonal IPA drops Tuesday February 24, hitting liquor store shelves in bright green cans and the tap towers of bars and restaurants across the Twin Cities and throughout the state.

Hop-heads who had a taste of Let it Ride when it was last released have been waiting on pins and needles for this beer to reappear, and with good reason! Let it Ride is all about new American hops and showcasing their big, fruity aromas. When it comes to Let it Ride’s three foundational hop varieties, Indeed Head Brewer Josh Bischoff says, “Mosaic hops, those are all blueberry, dank, and more blueberry. From the Calypso, I get a lot of pineapple. And with the El Dorado hops, there’s a mix of tropical fruit, and pear.” With these powerfully aromatic hops, supported by a strong malt backbone, we get a big, fruity IPA with a beautiful copper color and a satisfying body.

To celebrate Let it Ride’s return we’re kicking off its season with a new kind of beer release party at the Turf Club. Live music starts at 7pm with Narco States, Flasher, and DJ Paper Sleeves! Plus, we’ll be tapping four hard-to-find barrel-aged Indeed beers in the Clown Lounge for a bonus ‘Barrel-Aged Basement’ event, sampling flights of Wooden Soul #1, Mexican Cousin, Be Cherry, and Rum King.

Just like getting back in the saddle on your two-wheeler after a long, frozen winter, you’ll pick up with Let it Ride right where you left off. Take a deep breath, and hop on!

Feb 9/15

Now in tallboys, Mexican Honey's big year gets even bigger!

It’s been a big year for Mexican Honey! Huge.

Since Mexican Honey was last available on draft and in 750 ml bottles, we road-tripped this Imperial Lager out to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival, and brought back a silver medal! Nothing like a little hardware to make a great beer taste that much more satisfying.

Then, we thought to ourselves, ‘Mexican Honey: that’s one remarkable lager with a mighty personality. It deserves some larger than life packaging to match.’ So we got to work designing a tallboy can for this year’s release of Mexican Honey, and starting tomorrow, Tuesday February 10, you can pick up four-packs of our Imperial Lager at liquor stores through March.

If you haven’t yet had a taste of this seasonal specialty, a little background on the beer: Mexican Honey is an Imperial Lager, similar to a classic lager but bigger and bolder, with a higher alcohol content than traditional lagers. You can expect a clean lager character, and bright mandarin citrus tamed by a subtle malt backbone. With strong aromatic notes of honeycomb and graham cracker, Mexican Honey is crisp, dry, and refreshing.

This beer pours crystal clear and golden yellow with a rocky white head. It’s delicious solo, but equally tasty with food: our Imperial Lager is a natural match for lighter fare like seafood, shellfish, and poultry, especially when prepared with a bit of citrus and a subtle sweetness. Try it alongside crab cakes with a squeeze of fresh lemon, fluffy lobster rolls, lime-spiked ceviche, or beer can chicken on the grill.

If we’ve whetted your appetite, join us for the official release party at Cocina Del Barrio in Edina on Tuesday, February 10, where they’ll be tapping Mexican Honey at 4pm along with Mexican Cousin, our Imperial Lager aged six months in Anejo tequila barrels! Barrio’s kitchen has whipped up some Latin-inspired food pairings for the beer, including beer-battered chicken tacos with tequila-orange pico de gallo, and braised pork belly with pinto beans and agave vinaigrette.

Following the official release, we’ll be pouring Mexican Honey and Mexican Honey in the taproom on Wednesday February 11, and we’ll be out and about on the town with plenty of liquor store tastings, tap takeovers, and other fun events to celebrate the triumphant return of our award-winning cerveza. Get it while you can, and see what all the buzz is about!

Jan 12/15

We're officially headed 'Up North!'

Beginning in early February, Indeed Brewing Company will partner with Minnesota-based beverage distributor Bernick's to expand our beer distribution territory to Northern Minnesota including Duluth, Superior, and the North Shore!

“We’re happy to officially announce this partnership with Bernick’s and look forward to a longstanding relationship,” says Nathan Berndt, co-founder at Indeed. “To be able to bring our beer to the North Shore is a huge step for us and we are thrilled to have our product on shelves and on tap ‘up north’ in Duluth, Superior, and beyond.”

Bernick’s is a fourth-generation family-owned business that proudly provides full service beverage, vending, and foodservice solutions to the Central Minnesota area since 1916.

“Bernicks is proud to partner with Indeed to bring great products to the Duluth/Superior market,” says Dean Bernick, Chief Executive Officer at Bernick’s. “Indeed’s superior quality and reputation will be a wonderful addition for us and the community.”

In addition to Bernick’s, Indeed Brewing Company currently self-distributes in the Twin Cities metro and works with J.J. Taylor Minnesota, Dalheimer Beverage, and D&D Beverage to distribute beer across the state of Minnesota. We look forward to serving our North Shore customers were a greater variety and availability of our beers as early as next month. Stay tuned in with us on Twitter and Facebook for more information on our launch week events in Duluth!

Jan 6/15

Out with the old year, in with some new brews!

Happy New Year from Indeed Brewing Company! If you’re reading this, you have survived any and all New Year’s Day hangovers and you’re recharged, ready for a new year of craft beer.

Can we just take a second and talk about what a ride this past year has been? It’s 2015, and we’re all for 'out with the old and in with the new,' but not before we take a moment to give that old year its due!

Here at Indeed Brewing Company, 2014 was a year of tremendous growth, from tangible expansion projects and increased capacity at the brewery, to coverage of new territories around our home state of Minnesota and beyond. We’ve grown from 8 employees in 2012, to 21 in 2013, to over 40 people brewing, selling, delivering, pouring, packaging and keeping you in the know about our beer.

We kick-started 2014 with the release of our much-anticipated spring seasonal Let It Ride in cans, and spent the summer growing some supersized Day Tripper which we released in tallboys to music, theater, and sports venues around the Twin Cities. Wooden Soul, our budding program of sour and wild beers, was conceived of and born, and has grown to fill a room from floor to ceiling with barrel upon barrel of unpredictably beautiful beer. We rolled out a full bill of specialty brews, and played around with infusions and Derailed varieties in our taproom. It was a very good year for Indeed beer.

We’re always proud of what we brew, but we won’t say no to some new hardware and bragging rights! We were thrilled to take home the Silver in the Specialty Honey Beer category at the Great American Beer Festival 2014 for our Mexican Honey Imperial Lager. Thanks also to The Growler for five wins in their Kind of a Big Deal Awards 2014, and to City Pages for naming us Best Brewery.

Our annual brewery parties Art-a-Whirl and Hullabaloo were bigger and better than ever, bringing local live music acts, tasty grub, and experimental, limited-release beer out to play in our parking lot. Let’s do it again, shall we?

Indeed We Can,’ our employee-owned give-back initiative, came into existence in June, and allows our staff to donate funds to the non-profit organizations near and dear to their hearts with the proceeds from taproom sales on Wednesday nights. Since the launch of the program, we've been able to donate over $35,000 to local charitable causes!

Whew. That’s a lot for a mere 365 days! The only thing better than reviewing a successful year is looking forward to the year to come, and there’s a lot to look forward to, indeed: Mexican Honey tallboys, releases from Wooden Soul, a new IPA, and the exciting debut of our third flagship, a Pale Lager available year-round. You’re going to want to stay tuned…

Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some work to do! We’re feeling fresh and rearing to take on the new year’s adventures. You in?