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Oct 1/20

In Suds We Trust

Pop tops and bridge distances. United we drink beer!

In the year 2020, hands got cleaner and beer bellies bigger. You’ve likely developed a preference of hand sanitizer but never quite figured out how to drink a pint while wearing a mask. Beer has been a constant during the Covid-19 shutdown, with trips to your favorite local breweries and liquor stores providing a social outlet during stay-at-home orders.

We’ve been running on a campaign of good beer since 2012. Through In Suds We Trust, we’re doubling down on that commitment and encouraging camaraderie by popping tops together in this tumultuous time leading up to the presidential election. The next couple months will be particularly fraught, but we assure you that beer is something you can trust to always be there.

Aug 24/20

Indeed Milwaukee Turns One

Q&A with Head Brewer of Milwaukee Patrick Nickelson

Indeed Brewing Company is approaching the one-year anniversary of opening its brewery in the Walker’s Point neighborhood of Milwaukee, which served its first beers to the public on September 6, 2019. The pilot brewery’s first year experienced both expected trials and unforeseen tribulations, coming out the other end with a new head brewer and exciting beer plans for its second year. Patrick Nickelson talks about the pilot brewery's first year and what's coming next.

Aug 12/20

Good Beer, Guaranteed

Q&A with Quality Manager James Fetherston

Indeed has always promoted freshness in the marketplace by pulling past-code beer from store shelves and using easy-to-read date coding on its cans. And when bars and restaurants shut down in March, it was no question that Indeed would buy back kegs. But even before the beer is kegged or canned, Quality Manager James Fetherston makes sure it’s up to snuff.

Jul 29/20

Crush Tacos with Pink Rabbit Pils

The Indeed and Centro beer collaboration is now in tall boy cans

Well before Centro and Popol Vuh even opened, a natural partnership with Indeed emerged thanks not only to close proximity, but also a shared sense of building the neighborhood. Before the team could use their space, Indeed opened its taproom for meetings and trainings, getting to sample some of the menu during that time.

Pink Rabbit Pils, pilsner steeped with hibiscus and lime, was brewed specially for our Quincy Corner neighbors to playfully complement both the killer cuisine and fluorescent vibe. As the only pilsner on tap at Centro, it’s an easy beer to go with the fast casual Mexican food. “It’s light, so it pairs with pretty much anything,” says Owner Jami Olson. This summer crusher is bright pink from the hibiscus and finished off like a proper street taco—with a squeeze of lime for a citric twist.

Jun 5/20

Indeed We Can Supply Drive

We are collecting items for people in Northeast and Northside.

Indeed is facilitating a supply drive for the weekend of June 5-7 to help collect items for people and organizations in the Northeast and Northside communities. We will be updating with items that are current needed.