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Dec 14/22

Creature Comforts

Give the gift of nostalgia.

Nostalgic beers are coming back on tap in 2023. Five beers that you know, love, and can't stop asking for will be out of retirement in our 2023 Creature Comforts series. Exclusively available at the Northeast Minneapolis taproom, these beers will be on tap and to-go in crowlers.

Nov 2/22

Time Flies when You're Drinking Pale Ale

Day Tripper gets a shiny new look.

Time flies when you’re drinking pale ale. Our 10-year-old flagship Pale Ale is entering a shiny new era. Shedding its brown tones for rays of yellow and gold, Day Tripper looks brighter than ever and, complete with a newly tweaked recipe, it tastes better, too. Day Tripper first released on tap in 2012 and has undergone two rebrands (in 2015 and 2017) since its first can release in 2013.

Aug 30/22

10 Years of Cheers

Indeed celebrates 10 years at its Northeast Minneapolis taproom

Indeed turned the big 1-0! Join us for a weeklong event with something special happening every day from September 19 to September 25.

Aug 22/22

Indeed at the Fair

Where to drink Indeed beers at the 2022 Minnesota State Fair

Drink Indeed at the Minnesota State Fair Thursday August 25 to Monday, September 5.

Jul 27/22

Two Good Sparkling THC

Greener pastures are a sip away.

Greener pastures are a sip away. Two Good Sparkling THC, boasting 2mg each of full-spectrum, hemp-derived THC and CBD from Superior Molecular, hits just right with the addition of dried lavender and a kick of lemon peel. An herbaceous and zesty sparkling drink, Two Good will tickle you pink.