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Dec 23/14

Spark up your New Year with our newest Hot Box release!

January in Minnesota is cold, dark and dreary, and that’s on a good day; spark things up in the new year with the 2015 release of Hot Box, packing flavorful fire for the coldest winter months! This Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter is the product of a three year and counting collaboration with Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub in South Minneapolis.

Officially, we love all of our beers equally, but our specialties have an extra special place in our hearts. Crafting specialty beers give us a chance to push the envelope, to geek out over ingredients, to tweak, taste, and build our recipes from year to year. Created by a meeting of the minds of Indeed Brewing Head Brewer Josh Bischoff and Northbound Smokehouse Brewer Jamie Robinson, Hot Box Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter is a stand-out craft beer born from combined creative juices and we are proud to pour it again this year.

Hot Box begins in the Northbound smoker, where a special blend of peppers and malt is cold-smoked, a technique which imparts huge smoky flavor without using heat. As Indeed Brewing Co-Founder Tom Whisenand explains on a November 2014 episode of Beer Geeks, when it comes to smoky beers, “They are kind of all the same because they’re using the same commercially available smoked malt.” Our custom-smoked ingredients impart a deep, intense, campfire-quality smokiness you won’t find in just any pepper porter. Our peppers were selected to provide a balance of smokiness, heat, and flavor, spicy enough to tingle the tongue, but mild enough to complement, not compete with, the beer.

Play a little hooky from the doldrums of winter and get toasty with us at Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub on Tuesday January 6 for the debut of Hot Box 2015! We’ll be raising a glass to the unconventional and toasting the creative spirit with our sweet and smoky collaboration. Following the release at Northbound, Hot Box will be available in the Indeed taproom on draft and in liquor stores in 750 mL bottles, then look for our Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter on tap at bars and restaurants beginning January 13.

Dec 17/14

'Extend your trip' with Day Tripper tallboys, now available for a limited time at select liquor stores!

This past fall, our 12 oz. cans of Day Tripper Pale Ale experienced a bit of a growth spurt and tallboys were unleashed on the Twin Cities at our First Avenue release party! Since then, Day Tripper tallboys have been popping up at the Cities’ best-loved music, theater, and sports venues. Whatever moves you, whether you’re rooting for the home team at Xcel Energy Center, yukking it up at Brave New Workshop, or rocking out at the Triple Rock, you can ‘extend your trip’ with a Day Tripper tallboy in hand!

While sales of Day Tripper tallboys are still confined to venues, we couldn’t resist spreading the love with a limited, one-time drop of tallboys at select liquor stores! “We were thrilled to add this new package type to our line-up and to make it available at venues,” says Nathan Berndt, Indeed co-founder and President. “By offering the Day Tripper tallboys at select liquor stores, we’re hoping to spread the word about our newest canned offering, while giving our customers an exclusive chance to enjoy the full tallboy experience at home.”

Where can you get your hands on a take-home 4-pack of your very own? Day Tripper tallboys are now exclusively available at these fine liquor stores:

Remember, this is a one-time drop; once they’re out the door, you’ll have to stay tuned for future limited releases! In the meantime, get on out there and enjoy Day Tripper tallboys and everything the Cities have to offer at these top-notch venues:

Nov 18/14

Indeed expands with new tanks, new territory, new beers!

Big changes are afoot at Indeed Brewing Company, with new tanks in the brewery, new distribution beyond, and new beers on the horizon! We are excited to share news of the completion of a major expansion project at the brewery, the addition of new distribution territory across the upper Midwest, and the arrival of two new beers to our year-round lineup.

Brewery capacity grows
A long-anticipated expansion project came to a close on November 12, 2014, as a parking-lot sized crane lifted in two 120 BBL tanks in through the ceiling of the brewery’s new cellar. Co-founder and Director of Operations Tom Whisenand explains, “The addition of this new space, and the tanks housed there, has doubled the brewery's production capacity.” By the end of 2014, the brewery will have sold roughly 10,000 barrels. “By next year,” Whisenand says, “we project production to increase to 17,000 or 18,000 barrels.” In order to support this rate of growth, Indeed has added nine new employees to its full-time staff in 2014, including the introduction of a quality control department, bringing the company total to 42 employees.

Distribution territory and beer lineup expand So, where will all this new beer go? As Indeed ramps up production, the company looks forward to a number of territory expansions in the coming year in which to distribute their product. According to Co-founder and President Nathan Berndt, “As of January, we’ll have our beer in all of Northeastern Minnesota, up to the border and along Superior. We’ll be in the  Red River Valley by spring, and expect to have our beer available statewide and in parts of North and South Dakota by summer of 2015.” He adds, “I’m excited to have our beer in my hometown of Grand Forks!” As a part of the overall expansion, the brewery plans to add two year-round beers to the regular lineup in 2015, including a new IPA and a Pale Lager, which will join Day Tripper and Midnight Ryder as the third Indeed Brewing Company flagship beer.

Nov 11/14

Seize the freeze with Stir Crazy Winter Ale!

Ah, the first snowfall of the new season. As if right on cue, Minneapolis was blanketed with the white stuff for the first time in earnest on the eve of our Stir Crazy release! That’s right; Stir Crazy makes its triumphant return today, our seasonal winter ale brewed with cacao nibs, raisins, vanilla and brown sugar. Dark ruby in color with layers of malty goodness, rich notes of chocolate and caramel, and a fruity complexity, Stir Crazy was built to warm from within.

Minnesota winter’s easy to love, at first, with its pristine powder, cozy sweaters, the occasional welcome snow day. But when that cabin fever starts to creep in, not to mention the traffic jams, ice dams, and shovel-related aches and sprains, it is Stir Crazy’s real time to shine.  In the Indeed spirit we’ve brewed this winter warmer with an eye toward seasonal adventure. Stir Crazy’s up for anything this winter. Stir Crazy’s never heard the term ‘Polar Vortex.’

So don’t let Mother Nature put a damper on your day-to-day; embrace her, and hand her a Stir Crazy while you’re at it, too. Whether it’s downhill or cross-country, ice fishing or pond hockey, Stir Crazy Winter Ale is the ultimate cold-weather accessory for all the activities that keep us sane during the long winter doldrums.

We’re kicking off the season with a Stir Crazy release party tonight at the newly re-opened Buster’s on 28th, tapping at 5pm, followed by a tap takeover at Stout’s Pub on Friday November 14th featuring a special firkin of Stir Crazy. Mark your calendars for December 19th, when we descend on the The Depot with a Stir Crazy Skate Party (details coming soon)! And of course, you can find our Winter Ale at your favorite bars, restaurants, and liquor stores, now through March.

Winter isn’t ‘coming,’ it’s already here! Get into it, with Stir Crazy Winter Ale. We’ll see you out there!

Stir Crazy Winter Ale:
A new season means new adventures. We created Stir Crazy Winter Ale to warm you from within during the coldest time of year. Our sturdy winter warmer is brewed with cocoa nibs, vanilla, raisins and brown sugar. Layers of malty goodness create a dark ruby color and satisfying notes of chocolate and rich caramel, while pulverized raisins and brown sugar provide a fruity complexity. Bundle up and enjoy! (6.5% ALC. by VOL.)

Oct 15/14

Turkey who? Red Stag's Jamaican spiced, Sweet Yamma Jamma-braised chicken thighs steal the Friendsgiving spotlight

Move along, turkey! You've held the top spot on the holiday table long enough. Take five this season, and make room for the new bird in town. Fragrant with allspice, cinnamon, and a healthy dash of fresh lime zest, the Red Stag Supperclub delivers a zesty wake up call for the senses. Breathe deep and dig in to their Sweet Yamma Jamma-braised chicken thighs with Jamaican spices, turnip greens, and millet, the fourth dish in The Kids' Table (All Grown Up), our beer-soaked series of holiday dishes.

Organic chicken thighs are seared skin-side down to a golden brown, then braised in a pool of Sweet Yamma Jamma spiked with scallions, red onion, and a blend of warming spices. Served atop a bed of fluffy cooked millet, and topped with just-wilted bunches of turnip greens, this dish is part homey and part elegant, part familiar and part departure, equally at ease on your rushed mid-week menu and your Friendsgiving dinner party spread.

Executive Chef T.J. Rawitzer breaks it down for you so you can create this dish at home with little effort, resulting in major flavor and style points. Pay attention to his notes on presentation, and you'll have your dinner guests wondering when you found the time for culinary school on the side. Or at the very least, wondering you're going to invite them over to eat again! You're going to want to keep this recipe in heavy rotation this fall, so best to keep some Sweet Yamma Jamma on hand at all times, just in case.

Don't miss this dish as prepared by the pros, on the menu at Red Stag now through October 26th, and keep an eye out for details on an upcoming three course prix fixe paired with Sweet Yamma Jamma, coming in November!

Sweet Yamma Jamma-Braised organic chicken thighs with Jamaican spices, turnip greens, and millet

Serves 4

For the Chicken thighs:

  • 8 bone in skin on organic chicken thighs
  • 1 tbsp allspice
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tsp dried thyme
  • ¼ tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1 tsp black pepper
  • 2 tbsp chopped garlic
  • 1 Jalapeno pepper cut in half
  • 1 red onion sliced
  • 1 bunch scallions sliced
  • 2 tbsp Canola oil
  • 1 ½ pints Indeed Sweet Yamma Jamma


Rub the Chicken thighs with the first seven ingredients and refrigerate for at least four hours. Preheat the oven to 325 F.  In a large skillet heat the canola oil on medium high heat. Once the oil is very hot carefully brown the chicken thighs skin side down. Once a deep golden brown color is achieved remove the chicken thighs and set aside. Turn the heat down to low and sauté the red onion and scallion in the chicken fat. Once the onions are translucent return the chicken to the pan skin side up.  Add the beer and let simmer for 3 to 4 minutes. Place the pan of chicken in the oven for 20-25 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 155 F.

For the Turnip greens:

  • 2 bunches turnip greens
  • 1 lime
  • 1 TBSP canola oil
  • Indeed sweet yamma Jamma as needed
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


Wash the Turnip greens thoroughly. Heat a medium sized skillet over medium heat, add the turnip greens, and wilt. Add beer to assist in wilting and cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Season with salt, pepper, and lime juice.

For the Millet:

  • 1 cup millet
  • 2 ¼ cups water or chicken stock
  • 1 tsp olive oil or butter
  • ¼ tsp  salt


Rinse millet and drain in a strainer.  Place in a saucepan, add water, oil or butter, and salt, and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cover and simmer for about 20 minutes or until all water has been absorbed.  Turn off heat and let stand, covered, for 5 minutes.  Fluff millet and serve.

To complete the dish

Remove the braised chicken from the pan.  Reduce the liquid by half and season. Arrange a plate with the millet on the bottom, the braised greens, then topped with two chicken thighs. Spoon the braising liquid over the chicken and garnish (optional) with sliced scallion, and lime zest.

Oct 11/14

Throw down at our harvest hoedown, Hullabaloo 2014!

Lace up your foot-stompin’ boots and come thirsty! It’s Indeed Brewing Company’s 3rd Annual Hullabaloo and it’s going down Saturday, October 11th, from 12-10pm. Join us outdoors at the brewery for a zero-waste parking lot party full of good food, live music presented by the First Avenue Stage, and more limited-release, hand-crafted beers than you could shake a stick at.

FIRST AVENUE STAGE PRESENTS: 12:00pm - Doors 12:30pm - Pill Hill 1:30pm - Jack Klatt 2:30pm - Peter Lang 3:30pm - The Dang Ole' Tri'ole 4:30pm - Michael Gunther 5:30pm - Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band 6:30pm - Crossing Guards 7:30pm - John Swardson and Bad Blood 8:30pm - Tired Eyes (Alan Sparhawk/Rich Mattson Neil Young Tribute)

Autumn is upon us, and we’re celebrating the bounty of the harvest season the best way we know how: with beer, new beer, and lots of it. We’ll be making way for this year’s release of Rum King, an Imperial Stout aged in Jamaican rum barrels, patiently biding its time for a Hullabaloo debut. Also on tap for the day: our Sweet Yamma Jamma fall fan favorite brewed with sweet potatoes and spices, a traditional Oktoberfest with a new wave twist, a pale ale brewed with blueberries and Mosaic hops, and a “cask wagon” piled with goodies. It wouldn’t be a party without a few surprises, so expect the unexpected when it comes to our full line-up of beers at Hullabaloo.

Pair your craft libations with fresh pretzels or juicy grub from Blue Door and park yourself for a line up of outdoor music including Crossing Guards, John Swardson and Bad Blood, Michael Gunther, and Tired Eyes, a Neil Young tribute from Alan Sparhawk of Low and Ol’ Yeller frontman Rich Mattson. Bands will be striking up starting at 12:30 pm, kicked off with tunes from Pill Hill, and jamming ‘til they can jam no more.

With good eats, fine tunes, and beers both well-loved and wildly new, we’ve got the fixings to cook up quite the harvest hoedown at the 3rd Annual Hullabaloo. Clear your calendar and come on over, Saturday October 11th at Indeed!

Oct 7/14

Indeed brings home the silver from 2014's Great American Beer Festival!

Indeed Brewing Company is thrilled to announce its silver medal win at this past weekend’s Great American Beer Festival (GABF) in Denver, Colorado!

We are honored to have been awarded the silver medal in the Specialty Honey Beer category for our Mexican Honey, an Imperial Lager brewed with Mexican orange blossom honey and Amarillo hops. Offering a citrus and floral fiesta for your palate, you can expect notes of orange nectar, graham cracker, biscuits, and honeycomb from this refreshing and dangerously smooth brew. Present to receive the award in Denver were brewery Co-Owner & Co-Founder Tom Whisenand and Lead Brewer Matt Pollock. It is the first GABF medal for us, since opening in August of 2012!

With 268 medals awarded in 90 beer categories covering 145 different beer styles to brewers across the country, GABF, now in its 28th year, is the largest commercial brewing competition on the world, and a true arbiter of brewing excellence. We would like to congratulate all of the other medal winners, especially those winners in the Specialty Honey Beer category: Wicked Weed Brewing Funkatorium, with a gold medal for their Mampara beer, and Blue Moon Brewing Company, with a bronze for their Honey Grand Cru. Indeed Brewing Company is one of six Minnesota breweries to be awarded medals this year. A complete list of all the winners can be found here.

To celebrate the GABF silver medal, we will be tapping a cellared keg of Mexican Honey in the taproom on Thursday, October 9th at 5pm. Bottles of Mexican Honey will also be available for sale in limited quantities.

Oct 2/14

Westward Ho! Indeed’s hop selection trip explores the best of the Pacific Northwest

"Go West, young man, go West." They say if you want a job done well, you’ve got to do it yourself. When it comes to selecting hops, the little green cones with the one-two punch of flavor and aroma, getting that job done right is essential to brewing our signature beers. To smell, touch, taste, and see the year’s crop of hops is why Indeed co-founders Tom Whisenand and Nathan Berndt, and head brewer Josh Bischoff, traveled to Washington state for this year’s lush, fragrant, colorful hop harvest.hopVines2

Washington’s Yakima Valley is the epicenter of hop growing and processing, thanks to its ideal climate and long, well-established production history; they boast by far the largest percentage of hops grown in the United States. If it’s such a well-oiled machine, why bother making the trip before placing your order? As Director of Operations Tom Whisenand explains, “Like any agricultural product, the quality and characteristics of hop crops will vary from field to field, grower to grower, this side of the river to that side of the river. Selecting in person ensures that we get the hops that best match what we are looking for in each variety.” And this in turn ensures that the Day Tripper you sip today will taste like the Day Tripper you drink a year from now.hopsConveyor

Another highly anticipated, highly unpredictable, but wholly worth-it part of the hop harvest is the opportunity to send back unprocessed hops to be brewed into very small batches of fresh hop beer. New to fresh hop beer? Head brewer Josh Bischoff's got you covered with a quick primer: "[Fresh hop] is a beer made with hops fresh off the vine that have not been dried or processed.  Even with great care in processing hops you do lose some oils and character of the non-processed hop. Part of what makes fresh hop beers special is you only have a small window to use the hops once they are harvested, ideally within hours, and [the hops] are only harvested once a year over the course of a few weeks." If this all sounds risky and high-stakes, it is, but the final product warrants the extra effort!hopsKiln2

This year's fresh hop beer went off with nearly nary a hitch, and we're lucky to be tapping into the Mosaic Fresh Hop this evening in the taproom, and at both Red Cow locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul! But things don't always go so smoothly: there's an extreme time crunch from the moment the hops are harvested, then trucked on a dedicated refrigerated truck, and finally received miles away at the brewery before they're brewed into beer.


As Tom puts it, "A fresh hop beer is a logistical nightmare but what is delivered in the final product is something extremely special." Run, don't walk, to the nearest source; once this year's batch is gone, it'll be a long wait for another taste. This is as fresh, fragrant, and fleeting as it gets, so get your hands on some today. eldoradoSelcetionBSG

Sep 29/14

Pat's Tap deep fries the essence of fall beer with Sweet Yamma Jamma Sweet Potato Fries

Obscure ingredients with elaborate plating have their place, but between friends, a no fuss, no muss, straight up tasty dish to communally chow is very welcome. Enter Pat's Tap and their hot and crispy Sweet Yamma Jamma-battered Sweet Potato Fries with Sriracha Aoili, the third recipe installment of our foray into fall cooking with beer, The Kids' Table (All Grown Up).

If (like almost every body) a plate full of deep-fried yammy goodness is your jam, grab a buddy and dig in. Tossed in a beer batter made from our spiced fall seasonal ale, cayenne pepper, and paprika, these shareable, snackable salty and sweet fries are a natural match for a cold pint of beer and a lively, root vegetable-fueled conversation.

By blanching the fresh cut sweet potatoes in hot oil, chilling, tossing, chilling, and frying again, the kitchen behind Pat's Tap has perfected the crispy on the outside, creamy on the inside quality that defines an addictive fry. That extra mile makes all the difference, especially if you're looking to up your deep fry game at home; take a tip from the pros and don't skimp on the prep work.

Sweet Yamma Jamma-battered sweet potato fries are only on the menu for two weeks, so get 'em while they're hot! And stay tuned for the final course of our Friendsgiving dinner, debuting Monday October 13th at Red Stag Supper Club.

Sweet Yamma Jamma Sweet Potato Fries with Sriracha Mayo

Makes 4 portions, or about one portion per sweet potato

  • 1 can (12 fl oz) Sweet Yamma Jamma
  • 10 oz corn starch
  • 4 medium sized sweet potatoes
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • 1 tsp cayenne pepper

Wash and scrub the sweet potatoes, leave the skin on, and cut into ¼” by ¼” strips lengthwise down the sweet potato. Blanch the fries in a deep fryer at 300 F for three minutes, pull out of fryer, and chill on a parchment-lined baking sheet until completely chilled.

In large bowl whisk the corn starch into one can of Sweet Yamma Jamma. Once thoroughly mixed, add paprika and cayenne pepper and continue whisking until smooth. Toss the now-cooled blanched fries in the beer-cornstarch mixture until all fries are evenly coated. Remove coated fries from the bowl and spread in a single layer on a baking rack, then chill again.

Deep fry the Sweet Yamma Jamma-battered sweet potato fries at 350 F until golden brown and crunchy on the outside, roughly three minutes. Toss with salt, and enjoy with a pint of Sweet Yamma Jamma!

Sriracha Mayo

  • ½ cup mayo
  • 2 tbsp Sriracha
  • 1 tsp honey
  • zest of ½ of lemon
  • ½ tsp ground black pepper

Whisk everything together and chill.

Sep 12/14

Bryant Lake Bowl melts cheese, hearts with Sweet Yamma Jamma Rarebit

When that “little nip” in the air turns into a full-on chill, what’s better than a quick warm up from the inside out courtesy of some gooey, melty, cheesy comfort food and a pint of seasonal beer? Try Bryant Lake Bowl’s version of Welsh rarebit on for size: the beer is in the cheese. Made with Sweet Yamma Jamma, it’s the second dish of The Kids’ Table (All Grown Up), our foray into fall cooking with our seasonal sweet potato ale.

Sweet and savory caramelized onions meet oven-toasted baguette, and for those folks playing at home, this might be the perfect time to layer on some crisped bacon or ham. Pour on a Sweet Yamma Jamma beer-cheese sauce brimming with a smoky-salty-tangy mix of cheddar, Parmesan, and smoked Gouda, sweet paprika and a faint kick of cayenne, and you’ve got yourself the fixings for the ultimate ease-into-autumn bite.

Enjoy at Bryant Lake Bowl, starting Monday September 15th through Sunday September 28th, or try your hand at Sweet Yamma Jamma Rarebit at your house. Good bread, good cheese, good beer: you can’t lose! (And we know you want to “win” your next Friendsgiving potluck.)

Sweet Yamma Jamma Rarebit, from the Bryant Lake Bowl kitchen

Makes 12 pieces, 3-6 snack sized servings

(1½  hours of prep, mostly unattended)

  • 1 cup clarified butter
  • 1 cup peeled fresh garlic cloves
  • 3 large yellow onions, peeled and sliced thinly
  • 1 ½ tsp kosher salt
  • ¼ cup all purpose flour
  • 2 cups whole or 2% milk
  • 1 cup Yamma Jamma
  • 1 tsp sweet paprika, plus more for dusting
  • ¼ tsp cayenne
  • 1 pinch ground white pepper
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar
  • ½ cup shredded smoked Gouda
  • ¼ cup grated Parmesan
  • 1 crusty baguette

Place the butter and the garlic cloves in a small saucepan; cook over low heat until the garlic is completely soft and sweet (about 40-50 minutes). Remove garlic and reserved for another use.

Reserved ¼ c of the (now) garlic flavored butter and in a wide bottom fry pan cook the onions on medium heat until really well caramelized. Stir in salt. Reserve caramelized onion.

In a heavy bottom saucepan (1 ½ quarts or larger), place the reserved ¼ cup garlic flavored butter, stir in the flour well, and cook on low heat, stirring from time to time for at least 10 minutes (but do not brown the flour/butter mixture). Whisk in the milk until smooth and bring to a boil, stirring. Whisk in the Sweet Yamma Jamma until smooth, then whisk in the paprika, cayenne, and pepper. Simmer for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and continue stirring for 5 minutes.

Stir in the Cheddar first, followed by the Gouda and finally the Parmesan. Add salt to taste, if needed, being careful not to oversalt the already salty cheese mixture.

Preheat oven to 425 F and line a sheet pan or cookie sheet with parchment or foil and slice the baguette into long diagonal slices about ½ inch thick.  Arrange the bread on the sheet pan and toast in oven until lightly brown, turning each slice over to brown both sides.  Divide the caramelized onions between the toasts and coat generously with the Yamma Jamma cheese sauce.  Place the pan back in the oven until the sauce is bubbly and beginning to brown.  Alternately, this step can be done under your broiler.  Dust the top with additional paprika.

Serve on a warm platter piping hot with a pint of Sweet Yamma Jamma on the side. Cooked bacon or ham may be placed between the toast and the sauce along with the caramelized onions.

Sep 9/14

'Indeed We Can' welcomes Bicycle Alliance of MN, plus two more dates to save!

When it comes to giving back, there are gestures big and small. Take our bike pump, mounted outside of the taproom’s patio gate for our two-wheeling guests. That’s one small thing we can do to encourage folks to bike over for a pint of freshly tapped craft beer: it’s fun, economical, and when done safely, good for the body. Then there are the big things we at Indeed Brewing can do, like hosting the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN) here in the taproom as part of ‘Indeed We Can’ on Wednesday September 24th! If you haven't heard the word on 'Indeed We Can,' it's our charitable giving program, with which we welcome employee-selected nonprofits to our taproom for a night and donate the proceeds to their chosen cause.

The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota is dedicated to making Minnesota a more bike-friendly state through education and advocacy, and was selected for ‘Indeed We Can’ by Indeed Brewing Company co-founder Nathan Berndt. When asked why he chose BikeMN, he told us, “Growing up, I competed in both mountain and road racing, and worked as professional bicycle mechanic for almost ten years. As more and more people ride bike, there is a need for safety, educating and re-educating both bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians about sharing the road, obeying traffic signals, and safety.”

Here in Minnesota we love our bikes, and we love enjoying the great outdoors on two wheels. The next step is to make sure we’re doing so safely, with the help of groups like the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. Join us in the taproom (by bike, if you please!) on Wednesday September 24th from 3pm - 11pm. Representatives from BikeMN will be here, too, performing free bike inspections and minor adjustments, sharing their vision of a safe and inclusive bike culture in our state, and of course, enjoying Indeed beer along with you.

In addition to BikeMN’s 'Indeed We Can' Wednesday, we’ve got a few other evenings planned:

Save the dates! We'll see you in the taproom. #ColdBeerWarmFuzzies #IndeedWeCan

Aug 28/14

Eat your beer and drink it, too, with Sweet Yamma Jamma at Tiny Diner

Bidding farewell to the bared skin and UV rays of summer can be hard, but remember: sweater weather means you can cover up and chow down on all the comfort food and drink fall brings. Toss those jorts aside and shimmy into something a little more comfortable with Sweet Yamma Jamma, Indeed’s seasonal spiced sweet potato ale.

We’re teaming up with four local Minneapolis eateries to bring you a taste of fall, crafted with our versatile, culinary-minded Sweet Yamma Jamma. Indeed Brewing Company, joined by Tiny Diner, Bryant Lake Bowl, Pat’s Tap, and Red Stag Supper Club, is proud to present: The Kids’ Table (All Grown Up), the beer-soaked holiday dinner you actually want to attend!

The chef behind each of the four restaurants has developed a recipe using Sweet Yamma Jamma as an ingredient, which will pop up on menus in consecutive two week installments, culminating in a three-course prix fixe harvest-inspired menu at the Red Stag Supper Club. Recipes from each restaurant will be available on our blog, and in select liquor stores where Sweet Yamma Jamma is sold, to help you prepare your own Thanksgiving feast at home.

First up is Tiny Diner, presenting Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Sweet Yamma Jamma-braised Collard Greens, on the menu between September 1st and September 14th. In their own words, “The Tiny Diner and Farm is a small place with big ideas. We believe it’s the little things that count, so we’re creating menus with as many local foods as we can, including the stuff we grow ourselves.” Local beer meets local food to create a seasonal, sustainable dish you’ll want to savor while you can. We’ll meet you at Tiny Diner!

Sweet potato gnocchi with Sweet Yamma Jamma-braised collard greens, from the Tiny Diner kitchen

Sweet potato gnocchi:

  • 1 pound of potatoes, roughly half Idaho potato, half sweet potato
  • 2 egg yolks
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese- grated
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon chopped rosemary
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour

With a fork, poke holes in the potatoes, and place them on top of a bed of salt. Cover and bake for roughly 2 hours. When they are fork tender, peel off the skin and pass them through a food mill (preferred and most reliable method), or grate them over the large holes of a box grater into a bowl. While potatoes are hot, add in the cheese, salt, pepper, and chopped rosemary. Fold in half the flour, mix, then add the rest of the flour. Do not over mix, dough should be slightly firm. Roll out into a rope and cut into bite-size pieces.

Bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Turn the water down to a simmer, and add the gnocchi. Cook a small amount of gnocchi at a time, letting the gnocchi simmer for about a minute. Once the minute is up, tossed the gnocchi onto an oiled sheet pan or plate. Use within 5 days or freeze up to a month.

Indeed Sweet Yamma Jamma-braised collard greens:

  • 1 onion, small diced
  • 3 shallots, minced
  • 5 garlic cloves, minced
  • 3 tomatoes, diced
  • 5 lbs collard greens, chopped
  • 2 cans Indeed Sweet Yamma Jamma (sweet potato ale brewed with spices)
  • Vegetable stock, homemade or low-sodium if store bought, to cover
  • Salt and black pepper, to taste

Sweat onions with garlic and shallots, then add the tomatoes, collard greens, Sweet Yamma Jamma, and enough vegetable stock to cover everything by an inch or so. Simmer over low heat for 30 to 40 minutes. Top your sweet potato gnocchi with braised greens and broth.

Aug 19/14

Announcing the release of Day Tripper tallboy cans at First Avenue

Whoever said less is more never had to give up a front row spot at a long-anticipated show to battle the masses at the bar. Now, with the release of Indeed Day Tripper tallboy cans, folks won’t have to miss a beat.

The first chance to grab a canned pint of Day Tripper will be at First Avenue’s Main Room, where the Black Lips will be playing on Wednesday September 17th, with special guest The King Kahn & BBQ Show. Both bands boast unique yet similar takes on garage rock, and are notorious in the punk scene for their often wild, always unforgettable live performances.

Indeed Brewing Company is thrilled to be partnering with such a storied venue as First Avenue and this particular lineup of innovative, energetic, and talented bands to release this new product. “There’s nothing like a cold tallboy of craft beer at a show,” says Indeed co-founder Nathan Berndt. “It’s an enhanced experience, one Indeed hopes to spread around the Twin Cities’ wealth of live entertainment venues with the addition of Day Tripper tallboys.”

Indeed Day Tripper tallboy cans will be available exclusively at First Avenue on September 17th. Beyond the release at First Avenue, look for tallboys to be popping up in select Twin Cities music, theater, sports and stadium venues. More is officially more, so go big with Day Tripper tallboys, then go home safely, with a planned sober ride.

Aug 14/14

The Great Minnesota Get-Together, Indeed Brewing Company, and you: Find us at the Fair!

You already know there’s no shortage of new and outlandish deep-fried food on a stick, but did you know that the Minnesota State Fair has embraced creative fare of a sudsier variety with the inclusion of home state breweries like Indeed?

Be the first to get your hands on this year’s batch of Sweet Yamma Jamma, pouring exclusively at the Ball Park Cafe, the Fair’s “Craft Brew Territory” located on Underwood Street just outside of The Garden. Brewed with sweet potatoes and a bouquet of special spices, this seasonal ale will ease you into fall. Grab a pint and wash down a basket of Day Tripper-battered onion rings before heading over to the Grandstand, where you can take in a show with Indeed in hand, too.

Need even more craft beer? Silly question, of course you do! Whether you’re looking to up your homebrew game with newly showcased gear, or improve your tasting vocabulary with a lecture from a certified cicerone, make the ‘Land of 10,000 Beers’ your craft beer home for the duration of the fair. Hosted by the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild (MNCBG) and housed in the Agriculture/Horticulture building, this showcase is your one-stop shop for all things craft beer, from grain to glass.

Indeed will be on site from Thursday August 21st until the Fair ends on Labor Day, and we’re serving up the good stuff with sampling flights available. We’ll have seven styles of Indeed beer flowing throughout the course of the Fair for tasting, including limited edition seasonals and cask-versions of our flagship beers, Day Tripper and Midnight Ryder.

We know the State Fair can be an overwhelming undertaking, but when you plan around good beer, everything else just falls into place. See you there, at the State Fair, from August 21st to September 1st! Stop by, say hello, and celebrate all things craft beer with Indeed Brewing Company and just under 2,000,000 of your neighbors.

Aug 11/14

‘Indeed We Can’ give back to the Domestic Abuse Project

Just a few short months ago we launched our ‘Indeed We Can’ initiative, and it’s already picking up speed! So far we've had the chance to host Minnesota Land Trust and Trylon Microcinema in our taproom on their very own dedicated Wednesday nights, with the proceeds from those evenings of Indeed beer imbibing going directly to those organizations. Folks had a chance to meet the hardworking people behind both local nonprofits and learn more about what drives them, from clean water preservation to promoting classic and independent film.

Now, we’re gearing up for our next ‘Indeed We Can’ Wednesday, when we’ll be welcoming the Domestic Abuse Project to the brewery from 3-11pm on August 27th. Established in 1979, this nonprofit’s mission is simple: break the cycle of domestic violence, one person at a time, through education, therapy, and advocacy.

The Domestic Abuse Project is sponsored by Taproom Manager Kayla Erbach, who, while working towards a Sociology major focused on Law, Criminology and Deviance, took an array of eye-opening classes that spurred her to pursue work that would make a positive impact on other peoples’ lives. “Since I wasn’t professionally trained to assist with counseling,” explains Kayla, “I worked part-time for Domestic Abuse Project as a childcare provider while parents were participating in therapy sessions. They are doing great work in our local community, helping to end domestic violence by empowering victims and educating all parties involved.”

‘Indeed We Can’ is an entirely employee driven program, and that’s a huge part of what makes it special. In Kayla’s own words: “I love that I was allowed to choose an organization that I was passionate about and be able to contribute in a way that I could not do on my own.  The same is true for our customers!  If you were planning on a Wednesday night out, why not stop by the taproom and contribute to a good cause?  Indeed We Can is a platform for everyone to come together for the greater good and that's worthy of raising our glasses.”

Well said, Kayla! We’ll drink to that. Join us in the taproom on Wednesday, August 27th, and see what we can do, together.

May 20/14

Giving Back. Indeed We Can!

Giving back has been a core tenet of our company philosophy since the early days, and we have partnered with worthy charitable organizations since the start. But the time has come for Indeed Brewing to get even more involved with local nonprofits, which is why we’ve created the Indeed We Can Program.

This all-new approach to charitable giving will raise money for local nonprofits by opening the Indeed Brewing taproom every Wednesday and donating all net profits from taproom sales to a different local nonprofit each week, as selected by Indeed Brewing’s employees.

“Charitable giving has been an important part of Indeed Brewing since the start,” said Indeed Brewing Co-Founder and Marketing Manager Rachel Anderson. “Initially we partnered with One Percent for the Planet, which is a great organization that we’re proud to have worked with. But we realized that there are countless worthy local charities and that we could increase our charitable impact by working more closely with organizations here at home.”

The nonprofit organizations selected to receive funds from each Indeed We Can Wednesday event will be chosen by an Indeed Brewing Company employee and vetted by founders of Indeed. The Indeed Brewing taproom will be open from 3 pm – 11 pm each Wednesday and the net profits from all sales will be donated to the selected organization. In most instances, representatives from the selected organization will be present during the event to provide information to interested visitors.

The featured nonprofit organization for each Indeed We Can Wednesday will be announced in advance on and promoted via Indeed Brewing’s social media accounts. In the event that no suitable nonprofit is available on a given Wednesday, all net proceeds will be added to a fund to be distributed to nonprofit organizations at the end of the fiscal year.

“We are truly excited about this new program,” said Anderson. “Not only will Indeed Brewing have the chance to work more closely than ever before with local nonprofits, but our taproom visitors will be able to interact directly with the groups they’re helping. Our visitors will get to drink beer for a good cause, and they’ll also have a chance to learn more about these great organizations in their community.”

Apr 28/14

Celebrate Art-a-Whirl at Indeed!


Come celebrate Art-a-Whirl 2014 with Indeed Brewing Company! Northeast's famed annual art celebration continues in its 19th year and we are joining the festivities with live music, art, beer and food at our 2-day long celebration. With the release of L.S.D. Honey Ale, we're expanding our taproom outside with a tent and additional seating and taps. Get here early and stay late and enjoy all that is great about Northeast!


A kaleidoscopic combination of Lavender, Sunflower Honey, and Dates set the stage for a mind-bending beer experience as delicate floral aromas dance atop rich notes of fruit, and honey. Conceived by our head brewer, Josh Bischoff, LSD was originally produced by the Minneapolis Town Hall Brewery where it received a medal at the Great American Beer Festival in 2011. (7.2 ABV, 20 IBU)


Available All Day: Shenanigans Summer Ale • Day Tripper Pale Ale • Midnight Ryder American Black Ale • L.S.D. Honey Ale
Rotating Special Releases: Let it Ride IPA • Mojito Shenanigans • Mexican Honey • Rum King
Plus: Special Casks (while supplies last)

Friday, May 16th:
Whatever Forever • 6:00pm
France Camp • 6:50pm
The Chambermaids • 8:00pm
Saturday, May 17th:
Peter Lang • 1:20pm
Little Man • 4:35pm
The Last Revel • 5:40pm
Southside Desire • 6:45pm
Friday, May 16th: Hot IndianSimply Steve's Saturday, May 17th: GastrotruckNatedogsVellee Deli
*** 750 ML Bottles of L.S.D. will be available ***

Apr 23/14

It's Time for Shenanigans!

Our patio is cleared off and we're crossing our fingers that summer is truly on the way in Minnesota! One sure sign of the changing season is the release of Indeed Brewing Company's Shenanigans Summer Ale, a honey wheat beer brewed with Sorachi Ace hops, regionally produced honey, and locally malted red wheat.

Shenanigans is our tribute to summer, perfect for days spent sipping pints on the patio. Shenanigans will be available from Late April–September. Look for cans to hit liquor stores starting this week and enjoy a pint at your favorite patios around the state. So congratulations for surviving this winter and now it's time for Shenanigans!

Shenanigans Stats:
ABV: 5%
IBU: 14
Original Gravity: 11.5º Plato
Hops: Sorachi Ace, Willamette
Malt: Two-row Pale and Red Wheat
Available: 6-packs & 12-packs of 12-oz cans, on-draft, Late April-September

A warm day, great friends and a good beer–It doesn’t get any better. In that spirit we present Shenanigans Summer Ale, our ode to the season. Brewed with Sorachi Ace hops, regionally produced honey and locally malted red wheat, Shenanigans Summer Ale has a zesty citrus aroma, refreshingly dry body and notes of honey. So on those long hot days, remember that summertime is time for Shenanigans. (5% ABV, 14 IBU)

Apr 22/14

Indeed Brewing Company Partners with J.J. Taylor To Expand Distribution to New Territories

Indeed Brewing Company has partnered with beer distributer J.J. Taylor to make its beer available to craft beer fans in southern Minnesota. The new distribution deal will help Indeed Brewing Co. meet the growing demand for locally crafted beer in markets such as Rochester and throughout the region southeast of the Metro area.

Indeed Brewing will continue to self-distribute its beer throughout the Metro region. Additionally, the company is now self-distributing to the Duluth/Superior market, making the brewery’s product available in all of Minnesota’s largest markets, including the Twin Cities Metro area, St. Cloud, Rochester, Duluth and Mankato, as well as Brainerd Lakes and Bemidji.

“We’re thrilled to be working with great partners like J.J. Taylor,” said Indeed Brewing Co-Founder Nathan Berndt. “Not only are we happy to come to new markets like Rochester, but these partnerships allow us to focus on improving our own self-distribution efforts, leading to a better experience for craft beer fans all across the state.”

The latest distribution deal reflects the continued growth of Indeed Brewing. The company is on track to brew 11,000 barrels in 2014, a 100 percent increase over the previous year. The company previously announced two major expansions in production capacity in 2013.

“J.J. Taylor Minnesota is proud and excited to start our partnership with Indeed and represent their portfolio of world class beers,” said J.J. Taylor President and General Manager Mike Bamonti. “We look forward to expanding the distribution of Indeed beers in Rochester, Owatonna, Faribault, Mankato, and other areas south of the Twin Cities. Together, the teams from Indeed and J.J. Taylor will work closely and fill the many requests for these great beers.”

J.J. Taylor’s will distribute Indeed Brewing beers to the southeastern corner of the state starting on May 1.

Apr 2/14

Let's Play Ball!

The Twins home opener is just around the corner on April 7, and we are happy to announce that Indeed will now be available at Target Field this season! Look for cans of Shenanigans Summer Ale and Day Tripper Pale Ale in sections 116, 126 and 320. We think this season is already off to a great start. Cheers and let's go Twins!

Mar 25/14

Haywire is Back!

A fresh batch of Haywire Double American Black Ale is being released today in limited quantity to liquor stores! We’ve moved this specialty up in the line-up and made it a spring release.  Look for it on draft and in cask in the taproom this Thursday, March 27 as well as in select bars and restaurants. Cheers!

Haywire Stats:

Style: Double American Black Ale

ABV: 10.8%

IBU: 100+

Hops: Centennial, Citra, Zythos, Falconer’s Flight

Malt: Pale, Carapils, Caramel 80, Pale Chocolate, Cafa 2, Blackprinz

Available: 750 ML Bottles, On-draft, late March–April


Prepare for your palate to be victimized by Haywire, a Double American Black Ale brewed with 10-pounds of hops per barrel and a special process using hopped wort as mash water. Centennial, Citra, Zythos, and Falconer’s Flight hops fill this beer with notes of citrus, and sappy pine, while the malt brings hints of toffee, coffee, and cocoa.

Feb 25/14

We're Expanding Our Distribution

We will soon be making our beer available to even more craft beer fans in Minnesota. Today, Indeed announces plans to expand its distribution to additional parts of the state through a partnership with beer distributor D & D Beer Co. The new distribution deal will help Indeed Brewing Co. meet the growing demand for locally crafted beer in St. Cloud, the Brainerd Lakes area and Bemidji.

“We’re very excited to expand our reach in Minnesota,” said Indeed Brewing Co-Founder Nathan Berndt. “At Indeed, we’re all big fans of spending time in the outdoors, so it’s very exciting to make our beer easily available in parts of the state where outdoor recreation is a way of life.”D & D Beer Co.’s distribution area will include areas north and west of the Twin Cities to include St. Cloud, Willmar, Little Falls, the Brainerd Lakes area and Bemidji. Indeed Brewing Co. beers will be available in these areas starting March 3. “We are very happy to be partnered with Indeed because of the quality of their beer and the detail of their business plan," said Mike Dick of D & D Beer Co. "Our market is excited to add Indeed to the line-up of craft beers.”

Feb 18/14

Indeed Brewing Company Set to Release Spring Seasonal Let it Ride IPA

Indeed Brewing Company will release its spring seasonal Let it Ride I.P.A. at Blue Door Longfellow on February 25.

Brewed with Mosaic, El Dorado and Calypso hops, Let it Ride is all about newer aroma hops. "There's a bunch of aroma in these new varieties of hops that we weren't getting from hops, even a few years ago," said Indeed Head Brewer Josh Bischoff. "Expect big fruity aromas containing, but not limited to, dank citrus, pineapple, blueberry and tropical fruits."

Let it Ride will be available from late February–April throughout the Twin Cities metro and beyond. In addition to the draft release on February 25, Let it Ride is the sixth beer by Indeed to make its way to 12 oz. cans. Six-packs of Let it Ride will hit select liquor store shelves February 25 and will be more widely available starting March 4.

"We are really excited about the release of Let it Ride," said Indeed co-founder Rachel Anderson. "This is a beer that so many people were excited about last year, so we are really happy to be able to make it a permanent part of our seasonal rotation."

Let it Ride Stats: Style: American I.P.A. ABV: 6.8% IBU: 90 Hops: Mosaic, Calypso, El Dorado Malt: Pale, Medium Crystal, Munich, Carapils, Caramel 80 Available: 6-packs of 12-oz cans, on-draft, late February–April

Description: Riding a bicycle is all about freedom and discovery. You never know what you’ll experience or where your two wheels might take you. We like to think the same could be said about our Let it Ride IPA. Brewed with Mosaic, Calypso, and El Dorado hops, American and English Crystal Malts and German Dark Munich Malt, this is an IPA with adventurous tendencies. Enjoy the aromas of pear, tropical fruit, and blueberry, and ponder where your next ride might take you.

Feb 4/14

Breakfast Release for Burr Grinder

We release our 2014 specialty ale Burr Grinder at Bryant Lake Bowl on Saturday, February 15 when doors open at 8 am. "We wanted to do something a little different for the release of this beer," said Indeed Brewing co-founder Rachel Anderson. "Burr Grinder delivers an intense coffee punch, so we thought a breakfast release was the perfect introduction."

Burr Grinder is a collaborative beer created by Indeed Brewing Head Brewer Josh Bischoff and Dogwood Coffee. It is a unique take on a coffee ale, using ground coffee in the brew kettle, in addition to being topped with concentrated cold-press at the end of the brewing process.

Following the release event at Bryant Lake Bowl, Burr Grinder will be available on draft and in 750 ML bottles the week of February 17. Burr Grinder will make its debut at the Indeed Brewing Company taproom on Thursday, February 20.

“We are very happy to be working with our Northeast neighbors at Dogwood Coffee on Burr Grinder for the second year,” said Indeed Brewing co-founder Nathan Berndt. “There are a lot of early mornings in brewing, so coffee is a big part of our lives. Dogwood brews some of the best coffee around, and we pride ourselves in using the best possible ingredients in our beer.”

"It was great working with Indeed Brewing on Burr Grinder again," said Stephanie Ratanas, Coffee Buyer for Dogwood Coffee. "We chose coffees that we thought would work well for the brewing process as well as the cold brew element that gets added at the end, then we let Indeed do their thing. I’m looking forward to tasting the results from this year."


Beer geek. Coffee nerd. Whatever name you prefer, this beer has you covered. We teamed up with our Northeast Minneapolis neighbors at Dogwood Coffee to brew this one of a kind “coffee beer.” BURR GRINDER is infused with freshly ground Colombia El Meridiano coffee before being finished with cold brewed Dogwood NEON. Toasted caramel and toffee sweetness are coupled with sweet, ripe fruit notes. This beer delivers such an intense coffee punch that it’ll have you wondering whether you should drink it by the mug or by the pint!

ABV: 5.1%
IBU: 15

Jan 31/14

Hello Wisconsin!

Indeed, it is true. Soon craft beer lovers across the river will be able to enjoy Indeed’s handcrafted brews at their favorite bars, restaurants and liquor stores. Starting today, Indeed Brewing Company will distribute their two flagship beers Day Tripper Pale Ale and Midnight Ryder American Black Ale to Hudson, Wisconsin. Enjoy your next Indeed at these spots across the border:

Bar’s & Restaurants

Liquor Stores

Jan 14/14

2014 Hot Box Release

Indeed Brewing Company is proud to announce the release of its 2014 Hot Box Imperial Smoked Pepper Porter at Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub on January 28. The tapping event includes a vertical tasting of the 2014 and 2013 versions of Hot Box, as well as a mini “tap takeover” of Indeed Brewing beers.

Hot Box is a collaborative beer created by Indeed Brewing Head Brewer Josh Bischoff and Northbound Smokehouse Brewer Jamie Robinson. Currently the only beer produced by two local breweries in Minnesota, Hot Box features hickory-smoked peppers and malts cold-smoked over a special blend of woods by the Northbound Smokehouse crew. The ingredients then travel from Northbound Smokehouse in South Minneapolis to the Indeed Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis, where the rest of the Hot Box brewing process takes place.

“We are thrilled to be working with Northbound Smokehouse & Brewpub on Hot Box for the second year,” said Indeed Brewing co-founder Tom Whisenand. “Northbound is a great partner and the reaction to last year’s Hot Box release was great. We look forward to continuing this relationship for years to come.”

In addition to both the 2014 and 2013 versions of Hot Box, the launch event will feature several other Indeed Brewing beers, including Day Tripper Pale Ale, Midnight Ryder American Black Ale, Stir Crazy Winter Ale and Be Cherry Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

Following the release at Northbound, Hot Box will be available at the taproom on Thursday, January 30, as well as in retail locations starting on January 28.