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Wooden Soul

Wooden Barrels + Living Beer = Wooden Soul

The Program

Sour. Funky. Wild. Barrel-aged. Wooden Soul encompasses a stunning array of unique styles of beer, produced by the dynamic relationships between natural microorganisms when left to their own devices.

The Process

The beer destined for our barrels usually starts out like any other beer, undergoing primary fermentation, passing through our centrifuge, and into a bright tank. Instead of being cooled and carbonated, the beer for Wooden Soul is racked into barrels, and inoculated with wild yeast and bacteria. These unpredictable microorganisms take a completely ‘clean’ beer, break it down, and build it back up again, creating something entirely new and incredibly complex.

The Philosophy

There is a certain degree of wonder and mysticism in our barrel room. The whole world could be explained scientifically, but sometimes it’s more enjoyable just to marvel at the unknown.

The Beer

The simple truth is, we don’t know exactly how the beers of Wooden Soul will taste, or when they will be ready for consumption; that’s part of the journey.

Wooden Soul beers are developed using various strains of Brettanomyces, bacteria, or both, and almost all of the beers will spend some time aging in wood. There will be a spectrum of flavor and aroma produced from our wild yeast and bacteria. Some may be incredibly sour, while others may be more funky.

When a beer is deemed ready to be released in the Wooden Soul series, we will share the details of that particular style, its history, and its unique tasting notes.