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Wooden Soul: Raspberry Cherry Sour Red Ale

The Story

Wooden Soul #7 is a Raspberry Cherry Sour Red Ale. After 22 months of life in barrels with Brett and bacteria, this red ale was allowed to undergo an additional three months of fermentation on whole raspberries and tart red cherries! The result is an expressive sour fruit beer. Fresh raspberry and blossom aromas take over the atmosphere anywhere near a glass of Wooden Soul #7. Tart raspberry and cherry flavor blend seamlessly with sour red ale to create a complex, sour fruit bomb!

The Goods

Base Beer: Sour Red Ale

Yeast(s): Several Brett strains, Sherry Flor

Bacteria: Multiple lactic acid bacteria strains

Specialty Ingredients: Raspberries, Tart Red Cherries

The Stats

ABV: 5.4%

Aged for: 2+ years