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On Tap

Light & Crisp

  • Mexican Honey Light

    Lager - 5.2 ABV - 10 IBU

  • B-Side Pils

    Pilsner - 5.1% ABV - 35 IBU

  • Mexican Honey

    Imperial Lager - 8.0% ABV - 17 IBU

Hop Forward

  • Taiga

    IPA - ABV - IBU

  • Flavorwave

    IPA - 6.2 ABV - 73 IBU

  • Fresh Hop

    Fresh Hop Pale Ale - 4.9% ABV - 35 IBU

  • Day Tripper

    Pale Ale - 5.4% ABV - 45 IBU

Malts & More

  • Fresh Raspberry and Cacao Nib Stir Crazy

    Porter - 6.5 ABV - 40 IBU

    Not available in growlers

  • Fresh Pepper Stir Crazy

    Porter - 6.5 ABV - 40 IBU

    Not available in growlers

  • Chai Velvet

    Amber Ale with Spices and Lactose - 7.2% ABV - 10 IBU

  • Stir Crazy

    Porter - 6.5 ABV - 50 IBU

  • L.S.D.

    Honey Ale with Lavender, Sunflower Honey, and Dates - 7.2% ABV - 20 IBU

Sour & Wild

  • Wooden Soul: Pinot Heartbreak

    Sour Red Ale with Pinot Noir Grapes - 8.4% ABV - IBU

    Not available in growlers

  • Wooden Soul: Brûlée

    Wood-aged saison with hand-torched citrus and burnt sugar - 7.3% ABV - IBU

    Not available in growlers

  • Lucy

    Session Sour Ale - 4.2% ABV - 27 IBU

Bottle Service

  • Wooden Soul: Betelgeuse 750mL

    Sour Red Ale - 6.6% ABV - IBU

    Not available in growlers

  • Wooden Soul: Cherry Dust 2019 750mL

    Wood-aged red ale with cherries - 6.7% ABV - IBU

  • Wooden Soul: Brûlée 750mL

    Wood-aged saison with hand-torched citrus and burnt sugar - 7.3% ABV - IBU

  • Wooden Soul: Patchwork 750mL

    Sour Red Ale with Mixed Berries - 7.0 ABV - IBU

    Not available in growlers

  • Wooden Soul: In the Thicket 750mL

    Barrel Aged Golden Sour Ale with Raspberries - 5.2% ABV - IBU

  • Wooden Soul: La Pêche Mode 750mL

    Wood-Aged Brett Saison with Peach - 7.0% ABV - IBU

  • Wooden Soul: Certain Shade of Green 750mL

    Wood-Aged Golden Ale with Lime and Ginger - 6.8% ABV - IBU

  • Wooden Soul: Heliotropic 750mL

    Wood-Aged Brett Saison - 7.3% ABV - IBU

N/A Beverages

  • Lull

    CBD infused seltzer with lemon and lime flavors - 0 ABV - IBU

    Not available in growlers

  • Ideal Root Beer

    NA Beverage-Brewed for Ideal Diner - NA ABV - NA IBU

    Not available in growlers

    750ml growler fills only

Please note that not all beer selections are available for growler fills.

Brewery Tours

Food Trucks

Want to have your food truck at Indeed? Contact us here!

Food Truck Calendar


      • Do you make donations?

        We would love to contribute to every worthy cause, but unfortunately we are unable to accommodate every request. The majority of our charitable efforts are focused on our Indeed We Can® program. We are dedicated to supporting our local community, so we do donate to causes outside of Indeed We Can® on a limited, discretionary basis. We are not taking donation requests at this time.

      • Are you hiring?

        Please visit our Jobs Page for any current openings.

      • Can I book a private event?

        We'd love to host your event! We book private events in both of our taprooms. To check open dates or inquire about pricing and other information, please e-mail

      • How can I get in touch with you?

        General inquiries can be made by phone at 612-843-5090, by e-mail at, or by mail at 711 15th Ave NE, Suite 102, Minneapolis, MN, 55413 for our Minneapolis Headquarters, or 530 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI, 53204 for our Milwaukee taproom. We’d love to hear from you.

      • Can I reserve a table for my group?

        We do not reserve tables or chairs in advance. We want to play fair in our small space so it is first-come, first-served. If you do have a large group, we would appreciate knowing your group size and timeframe ahead of time. The more prepared we are, the better and quicker we can serve you.

      • Do you serve food?

        We don't want you going hungry, so we proudly partner with local food trucks to provide you with a food option Wednesday-Sunday. Find out what's on the menu on our Food Truck Calendar. You are also welcome to bring in your own food or snacks, or grab tacos from the neighbors next door, Centro. Please note that outside beverages are not allowed.

        Want to have your food truck at Indeed? Shoot us an email at and we'll talk about adding you to our calendar!

      • Can I bring in a birthday cake?

        Happy Birthday to you! We’d love to be a part of your celebration. You’re welcome to bring in your own cake, cupcakes, or other treats, but please be aware that we don’t carry any extra plates, napkins, or utensils. We don’t allow candles, and we ask that you please be considerate and clean up after yourselves when your celebration wraps up.

      • Can I bring my dog?

        Furry friends are allowed on our patio, just not in the taproom with the exception of service dogs. Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome to hang with you outside, and we’ll even bring out a water dish to keep them happy and hydrated!

      • Are kids welcome?

        Tiny humans are welcome. We pride ourselves in offering a family-friendly environment. However, all minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian after 8pm.

      • Do you have any gluten-free beers?

        We do not have any gluten-free beers. We do offer a selection of local sodas and sparkling water for our gluten-averse friends.

      • Are your beers vegan?

        Yes, most of our beers are vegan friendly, except for those that contain honey. We never use any fish-derived fining agents or any other animal products in our beer.

        Beers made with honey include Shenanigans Honey Ale, Mexican Honey Imperial Lager, Old Friend Winter Warmer, and LSD Honey Ale.

      • Can I get a tour of the brewery?

        Let us show you around! Public tours are available on Saturdays at 11:30am and 1 pm. You must sign up in advance as space is limited. Visit our Tour Page for more information. Private tours can also be scheduled for a fee, please e-mail

      • Is the taproom handicap accessible?

        Yes, the taproom and bathrooms are handicap accessible.

      • What if I forgot to close my tab?

        No worries! Tabs left overnight can be picked up during regular taproom hours. An automatic 20% gratuity will be added to the total. Please call 612-843-5090 if you have questions, or want to check if your card is here.

      • What's the deal with crowlers?

        We're now selling crowlers, which are 750mL cans of beer available in our gear shop fridge that you can grab and go! These must be consumed off-site and should be consumed within 3 days of filling. All crowler sales must end at 10 pm and purchased through our bartenders. Core and seasonal crowlers are $8, and specialty fills are $11. Don't see what you're looking for? Ask your bartender for fresh fill.

      • How much does a growler cost?

        It costs $5 for a new 64oz or 750ml growler. A regular fill on a 64oz growler costs $12, specialty fills are a few dollars more. Specialty fills of 750ml growlers will vary by beer style and availability. See our taproom staff for details. We do not take growler deposits. Please note that not all of our beers are available for growler fills.

      • Do you fill other brewery’s growlers?

        If your growler is clean, we will fill it! Growlers from any brewery are welcome. We do not fill or clean dirty growlers for you.

      • When can I get a growler fill?

        Growlers are available for sale during taproom hours. Growlers must be purchased and off-premises by 10pm. Please note that not all of our beers are available for growler fills.

      • How long is a growler fill good for?

        Growlers should be enjoyed within 24-72 hours of filling for best results. Keep filled growlers cold and dark. Do not allow a filled growler to warm or freeze, due to potential shattering.

      • What should I do once I’m finished with my growler?

        Once you've sipped that last drop, throw away the cap and clean the growler with hot water immediately. Soap may be used as long as it is not fat or oil-based. Allow the growler to air dry. Do this, and your growler will be ready for a fresh fill whenever you are!

      • Can I buy your Wooden Soul bottles on-site?

        Yes! You can either enjoy them at the bar with bottle service from our bartenders or purchase a 750mL bottle from our gear shop fridge to be consumed off-site. Availability will vary.

      • Where can I park?

        Parking for motor vehicles can be found directly outside the taproom entrance off of 15th Street, in the back lot directly behind the brewery off of Monroe Street, and in the triangle lot off of Quincy Street. The triangle lot is connected to Indeed's front taproom parking lot via a sidewalk. Bicycle parking is available by the taproom entrance and in the triangle lot. Parking in these lots is ALWAYS free for Indeed customers. Street parking is also available in the area.

      • Do you have a happy hour?

        We like to call it the happiest hour. We offer $2 off all pours (specialties not included) on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8-10pm, Thursday from 3pm-6pm and Friday from 12pm-6pm.

      • Do you have WiFi?

        Free WiFi is available! You'll find the password on the chalk menu in the Main Taproom or ask your bartender!

      • Got a beer that’s out of code?

        If you spot Indeed beer past its best-by date in the market, be a friend and let us know! If you’ve already bought some, we’ll work with you to replace it. We believe every can of Indeed should be the best you’ve ever had, so thanks for sharing this info for us! Report out of date beer to our Quality Control Manager here.

      • What's your return policy for Gear Shop merchandise?

        Yes! We have a 30-day merchandise return policy. For more details, visit