Dogwood Coffee Imperial Stout Flight Night

The air has turned, the breeze has chilled and we’re looking ahead at finishing up summer brews and heading straight into stout season. This edition of our flight night has a special connection to our good friends over at Dogwood Coffee. Variant Programs Director and Brewer, Jon Eager, has a long-standing love for coffee and found it only natural that he merge his two passions.

Get cozy in our taproom and grab a flight of our classic imperial stout base alongside three coffee-infused beers including hand-crushed Bear Hug beans, Zamboni Cold Press, and Neon Espresso all brewed by Dogwood Coffee. Kegs will be tapped at 3pm on Thursday, September 26th, and only available while supplies last.

—Imperial Stout Base—

This is the base beer for our beloved Queen Whiskey Queen and Rum King, harvested before it hits the barrels. This beautifully complex and roasty stout lays the ground for a canvas that begs to be modified. Jon suggests you begin with this beer and go back to it throughout the flight to cleanse the palate.

—Imperial Stout with Bear Hug Raw Beans—

We took raw, hand-crushed Bear Hug espresso beans—a brewery favorite—and laid them right in the imperial stout. After a few weeks, the imperial stout takes on bright, crisp coffee flavors atop this assertive stout.

—Imperial Stout with Zamboni Cold Press Concentrate—

Ask anyone who works at Indeed, and they’ll tell you that they’re fueled with the same amount of Zamboni Cold Press as they are beer. So why not combine the two? We added Zamboni Cold Press concentrate into the imperial stout creating a slightly lighter body with a subtle, smooth coffee finish. Don’t be surprised if you feel a coffee buzz by the time this one is gone.

—Imperial Stout with Neon Espresso—

The crown jewel of this flight night blends Dogwood’s Neon Espresso straight into the stout base. Expect a bit of acidity and bitterness rounded out by an approachable smoothness. Sit back and allow this one to reach room temperature to fully experience the roasty and decadent notes of the Neon Espresso.