Introducing our newest 12-packs!

Even if you're not heading back to school this week with fresh kicks and a backpack full of books, we're here with a little math problem to work through.

It's a softball, sure, but we think you'll like it. What do you get when you take a 6-pack of Indeed beer, double it, and pack it all in a handy, portable, shareable container? That's right, 12-packs. A+

12-packs are now available for two of our year-round beers: Day Tripper, our signature hoppy Pale Ale, and Dandy Lager, a crisp, clean Pale Lager. Clear some room in your fridge (you weren't going to eat that kale, let's be honest), and stock up on two of your favorite Indeed beers, now available by the dozen.

For bonus points on this impromptu quiz, when you pick up a 12-pack of Day Tripper you'll get a sneak preview of what our newly redesigned flagship cans will look like, once we work through our existing stock.

Look for 12-packs of Dandy Lager and Day Tripper to hit liquor store shelves this week!

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