Pistachio Cream Ale's Biggest Fan Contest Winners

The winners are revealed and we share a collection of our favorite submissions.

The winners of our Pistachio Cream Ale's Biggest Fan contest are revealed! We had so many great entries, so we're also sharing some of our favorite submissions.

Sarah Lanners: Pistachio Cream Ale's Biggest Fan contest winner in Minnesota

Matt Green: Pistachio Cream Ale's Biggest Fan contest winner in Wisconsin

If you knew me last summer, you'd know that I was in love with @indeedmilwaukee's Pistachio Cream Ale. From sending them away in beer trades with friends, to shower and bath beers, the Pistachio Cream Ale was all I drank. 36 pounds of pistachios & many, many pistachio cream ales later, this is my entry.

We also went nuts for these entries:

Adam Streiff

Any restaurant in the area that carries the Pistachio on tap I am a regular at until the keg gets tapped, when I would go to Sir Bens they would see me in line and already have one poured for me! They usually carry the brew at Beer Cave to purchase cans, if it's in stock I usually grab a pallet or whatever they have in stock. I'm always sure to leave at least one or two packs behind so other people can experience it too!!

Gweni Smith

We are Pistachio Cream Ale’s biggest FLAN! We do not claim to be the most attractive Pistachio Cream Ale flan. But with a diameter of 15 inches, we do think it is the biggest flan that incorporates our beloved Pistachio Cream Ale.

Rose Cianflone

I'm deeply in love with Pistachio Cream Ale, and I just don't know what I will do if I don't have a whole year's supply of it. Some may say I'm vain, but I simply cannot get enough of myself in every essence —Yours devotedly and lovingly, Mr. Rio Pistachio.

Emily Reudelsterz & Teahl Banner

This is just a glimpse into our pistachio filled summer — the real, un-edited text convos that resulted after our first sip of the delicious-ness that is Pistachio Cream Ale. (Not pictured: the Instagram DMs/comments/screenshots that would have made her look a little too obsessed).

Nina Simonette

At the end of the video you can see my Pistachio Cream Ale tattoo on my wrist, inspired by the Pistachio Cream Ale t-shirt. I named him Gianni because of his little bow tie!

Emily Csuy

Sean Larson & Ginny Windels

When I first learned that the Pistachio Cream Ale was going to be distributed year-round instead of seasonally, I let out such a loud whoop that my wife heard me from two rooms over and came to investigate. To celebrate the good news, my wife and I collaborated on the project submitted here. We are both non-traditional students taking classes while also working jobs to pay the bills. I've been studying music as an undergrad while she is in a graduate program for communication and writing. One of my favorite parts of studying music is when we do composition exercises, so I wrote a short song that shares my joy for the Pistachio Cream Ale. It features a mandolin lead and is backed by banjo, guitar, bass, and accordion. I've named it the Pistachio Cream Ale Jam (or PCA Jam for short).

Madeline Thun

I could have been embarrassed by how many people sent me the link to the Pistachio Cream Ale contest, or the fact that I have been gifted a Pistachio Cream Ale beanie-but I wear that hat as a neon green badge on honor! From the first time I tried this creamy delicious brew last spring, I have declared it my favorite beer; full stop, end of story, that's all she wrote.
Since Chuck U’s artwork is a staple of all Indeed beer, I wanted to lean into the “weirdness” of the Pistachio Cream Ale can art. I also thought seed art would be a great way to pay homage to our home state and the Great Minnesota Get Together, which we all sorely missed in 2020! I used pistachios, wild rice (Minnesota grown of course), quinoa, lentils, chia seeds, black beans and poppy seeds to create what I have been referring to as “Mr. Pistachio Guy” (maybe this has State Fair Potential-who knows?!) I could pretend it was easy breezy and say “I just threw this together”, but I won't, because that would be a flat out lie! The sheer amount of hours I spent shelling pistachios alone should crown me #pistachiocreamalesbiggestfan. This project proved to be exceptionally challenging given the spectacular weather that we have had over the last week.

Madeline Braverman

I made a love letter to the Pistachio Cream Ale! The first page is the front of the card, and the second is the inside.

Craig Kent

Ali Johnson & Megan Doboaszenski

Markie Hopkins

Indeed Brewing is my favorite place to go & the bartenders know what I will be ordering every time I come in — Pistachio Cream Ale! Since it is my favorite beer, what better than to pair it with some tasty cake pops. These 7 cake pops are hinted with vanilla & pistachio in a white chocolate dip and molded into many different fun shapes.

Luis Lopez de Victoria

Pistachio Cream Ale Beer & Ice Cream Photo Series. A small series of pictures of the unique & amazing Pistachio Cream Ale Beer & Ice Cream that celebrate a tasty experience like no other.

Alyssa Super's "My Pistachio Heaven"

Carla Super's "My Favorite Love Story"

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Janie Becker