Press Pause with Lull

Press pause on the ebbs and flows of the everyday with Lull, our new highly refreshing non-alcoholic CBD infused seltzer. It begins as bubbly water then we add key lime and lemonade flavors along with hemp oil to create a citrusy, chill, and crisp take on seltzer.

So what’s the deal with CBD anyway? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally occurring chemical compound that is extracted and processed from flowers of cannabis plants like hemp. Unlike its cousin THC, CBD is not psychoactive or intoxicating and has been said to have a relaxing or calming effect for some users. CBD is just one of the hundreds of components in cannabis plants, and alone won’t get you high.

CBD was originally discovered in the 1940s but has only recently blown up. Here’s why. Up until 2018, it was illegal to produce hemp in the U.S. since it was classified as a controlled substance. The 2018 Farm Bill lifted this ban which led farmers across the country to begin planting hemp and processing CBD, which sparked excitement at our brewery. “Indeed is always looking for new ways to innovate, and when the 2018 Farm Bill was passed into law last December, CBD became a new ingredient for us to consider,” said co-founder Nathan Berndt. “This came at a time when our taproom was looking to refresh its non-alcoholic beverage selection. We know that La Croix is a favorite around the brewery and CBD can’t be combined with alcoholic drinks in Minnesota, so CBD seltzer seemed like the next best option,” Berndt added.

We pride ourselves in encouraging our brewers to explore their creative side and push the envelope to keep things fresh. When Brewer, Jon Eager, saw an opportunity explore CBD seltzer with Lull, he ran with it. “It took quite a number of months to perfect this recipe, and when I started this project I knew next to nothing about what it would involve,” he explains. “I did my homework to find the highest quality CBD, how to source it, and how to produce seltzer in an efficient and cost-effective manner that would work for our brewhouse.” He did the research and eventually found a distributor that produces high-quality, third-party tested, U.S. grown hemp oil.

Jon spent many hours experimenting and blending several flavors from various vendors and quickly landed on the combination of key lime and lemonade. “I’m a child of the late 80s and early 90s, so lemon-lime flavors are close to my heart and the idea was pretty much reflex when I was approached to design our first CBD beverage.”

As a user of CBD, Jon initially had his doubts about the legitimacy of the product, but he says that in his experience, it’s been a game changer for his everyday life. He’s looking forward to the community exploring this product through our seltzer. “If Lull CBD Seltzer helps more people discover the potential benefits CBD usage and experiment with what works best for them, I'll be very proud of what we've accomplished here,” Eager says. “In my mind, this is only the tip of the iceberg, and I'm really excited to see what opportunities a drink like Lull may bring Indeed down the road.”

Lull is refreshing, light, and citrusy effortlessly pairing with our good taproom vibes. Try it out at the brewery today!

So, here’s the disclaimer. There is still a TON of research being put into CBD since it's so new, and it could react adversely when paired with select medications. It is suggested that you check with your doctor before using products containing CBD.