Stay Whirly, Stay Home

Whirlygig as you know it is cancelled, but we're staying Whirly.

When we announced our killer Whirlygig 2020 lineup back in February, we said we'd be getting weird for the three-day music and beer fest. And weird it got, only for reasons we weren't anticipating. This will likely come as no surprise, but it still pains us to tell you: Whirlygig 2020 is not happening, at least in the way you know it. The world is a different place than it was two months ago, and gathering en masse is not a thing that we can do right now. Make no mistake: This totally and unequivocally sucks. But before you file this under "bummer news" and give in to wallowing, we invite you to Stay Whirly, Stay Home. Here's how:

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