What the Heck is PakTech?

You walk into your favorite local liquor store and are overwhelmed by a zoo of craft beer and then, you spot it. A sea of Indeed’s bright orange can toppers keeping your Day Tripper, Flavorwave, and Mexican Honey Light 6-packs safe and secure. But what are these sturdy tops that hold them together? These are known as PakTech handles. These handles are created from post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic such as milk jugs and other similar containers. Not only are these handles bright, colorful, easy to use—and reuse—but they’re produced with the environment in mind.

According to PakTech’s website, PCR production uses 90% less energy, 100% less petroleum and emits 78% fewer greenhouse gasses than plastic that’s newly created without any recycled materials. In fact, PakTech kept over 100 million gallon-sized jugs out of landfills by reusing them for their handles.

Although these handles are highly recyclable, you may not be able to toss them in with your other recyclable materials at home. Because many local recycling facilities do not recycle rigid plastics, PakTech has implemented a recycling program created for their products where your 4-pack, 6-pack, and 3-pack handles can be recycled sustainably. PakTech works with a variety of plastic reprocessors to create PakTech handles, composite lumber, flower pots, pipe, park benches, and more out of your recycled handles.

So, where do you fit in all this? Indeed is officially a PakTech recycling site where you can bring in your handles to be recycled! Bring in one or more PakTech holders and you’ll receive $2 off any one beer; bring in four or more and receive a free beer on us just for doing your part to save the turtles (limit one per customer, excludes specialty pours). Yep, we’re taking non-Indeed PakTech handles to be recycled as well! Look for the big blue bin in our taproom that says “Recycle PakTech Handles Here,” then see one of our friendly bartenders to get your discounted or free beer.*

Okay, can you *handle* that? Sorry, we can’t stop ourselves. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out on social media or ask a bartender for more info! Help us reduce our carbon footprint and recycle your PakTechs at Indeed!

* While both taprooms are collecting and recycling PakTechs, the discount on beer was discontinued in 2020.