‘Indeed We Can’ give back to the Domestic Abuse Project

Just a few short months ago we launched our ‘Indeed We Can’ initiative, and it’s already picking up speed! So far we've had the chance to host Minnesota Land Trust and Trylon Microcinema in our taproom on their very own dedicated Wednesday nights, with the proceeds from those evenings of Indeed beer imbibing going directly to those organizations. Folks had a chance to meet the hardworking people behind both local nonprofits and learn more about what drives them, from clean water preservation to promoting classic and independent film.

Now, we’re gearing up for our next ‘Indeed We Can’ Wednesday, when we’ll be welcoming the Domestic Abuse Project to the brewery from 3-11pm on August 27th. Established in 1979, this nonprofit’s mission is simple: break the cycle of domestic violence, one person at a time, through education, therapy, and advocacy.

The Domestic Abuse Project is sponsored by Taproom Manager Kayla Erbach, who, while working towards a Sociology major focused on Law, Criminology and Deviance, took an array of eye-opening classes that spurred her to pursue work that would make a positive impact on other peoples’ lives. “Since I wasn’t professionally trained to assist with counseling,” explains Kayla, “I worked part-time for Domestic Abuse Project as a childcare provider while parents were participating in therapy sessions. They are doing great work in our local community, helping to end domestic violence by empowering victims and educating all parties involved.”

‘Indeed We Can’ is an entirely employee driven program, and that’s a huge part of what makes it special. In Kayla’s own words: “I love that I was allowed to choose an organization that I was passionate about and be able to contribute in a way that I could not do on my own.  The same is true for our customers!  If you were planning on a Wednesday night out, why not stop by the taproom and contribute to a good cause?  Indeed We Can is a platform for everyone to come together for the greater good and that's worthy of raising our glasses.”

Well said, Kayla! We’ll drink to that. Join us in the taproom on Wednesday, August 27th, and see what we can do, together.

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