'Indeed We Can' welcomes Bicycle Alliance of MN, plus two more dates to save!

When it comes to giving back, there are gestures big and small. Take our bike pump, mounted outside of the taproom’s patio gate for our two-wheeling guests. That’s one small thing we can do to encourage folks to bike over for a pint of freshly tapped craft beer: it’s fun, economical, and when done safely, good for the body. Then there are the big things we at Indeed Brewing can do, like hosting the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota (BikeMN) here in the taproom as part of ‘Indeed We Can’ on Wednesday September 24th! If you haven't heard the word on 'Indeed We Can,' it's our charitable giving program, with which we welcome employee-selected nonprofits to our taproom for a night and donate the proceeds to their chosen cause.

The Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota is dedicated to making Minnesota a more bike-friendly state through education and advocacy, and was selected for ‘Indeed We Can’ by Indeed Brewing Company co-founder Nathan Berndt. When asked why he chose BikeMN, he told us, “Growing up, I competed in both mountain and road racing, and worked as professional bicycle mechanic for almost ten years. As more and more people ride bike, there is a need for safety, educating and re-educating both bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians about sharing the road, obeying traffic signals, and safety.”

Here in Minnesota we love our bikes, and we love enjoying the great outdoors on two wheels. The next step is to make sure we’re doing so safely, with the help of groups like the Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota. Join us in the taproom (by bike, if you please!) on Wednesday September 24th from 3pm - 11pm. Representatives from BikeMN will be here, too, performing free bike inspections and minor adjustments, sharing their vision of a safe and inclusive bike culture in our state, and of course, enjoying Indeed beer along with you.

In addition to BikeMN’s 'Indeed We Can' Wednesday, we’ve got a few other evenings planned:

Save the dates! We'll see you in the taproom. #ColdBeerWarmFuzzies #IndeedWeCan

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