A Year with Pistachio Cream Ale

Catching up with our Pistachio Cream Ale Biggest Fan winner

Last year, when we released Pistachio Cream Ale as a year-round beer, we put out a call for the beer's biggest fan. The winners, one in Wisconsin and one in Minnesota, got a year's supply of Pistachio Cream Ale (one case per month). We caught up with Sarah Lanners, our crowned winner in Minnesota, who promises that she still loves the beer as much as she first did.

What was it like to have a year's worth of Pistachio Cream Ale? Did you drink it all yourself or share it?

Having 24 cans of Pistachio Cream Ale, my favorite beer, every month for a year was fantastic. I worked hard to make sure that all my family members and friends had a chance to try this delicious beverage, so I was bringing 6-packs to every barbecue, holiday party, and social event. We'd bust out some paper cups and everyone there would get a sample! I'm sure I hooked some new PCA fans by sharing the love. Of course, while sharing the beer has been great, it has also been nice to always have a cold one in my fridge at the end of a long day.

After a steady supply one year later, how has your love for the beer changed (or not changed)?

Believe it or not, I still love Pistachio Cream Ale. For the first few months, I literally uttered a satisfied "ahh" after every first sip from an ice cold can. While I may not still audibly express my love for this beer, I still order it whenever I see it on tap at a local bar, and will continue to embrace my title as the Biggest Fan as long as Indeed is brewing this beer!

What are some of the new memories you created with the beer in the past year?

The Pistachio Cream Ale contest was truly a bright spot of this past year! I was super excited to take a picture next to the Pistachio Cream Ale sign at Andy's Bar and Grill at the State Fair this summer, and it has been great to share my winning video submission with people. I've really gotten a kick out of meeting someone new, explaining the contest, then encouraging them to try the beer! I also always love visiting the Indeed taproom with new friends, to catch a band on the back dock in the summer, share stories around a bonfire outside, or sit at the bar playing cribbage.

Did you learn any lessons or have any pro-tips after your year with beer?

Having a year's supply of beer that comes in 6-packs has reinforced in me the importance of recycling my PakTech holders! I have a special bin to collect them at home, and I collect them from neighbors and friends, and then bring them to the recycling bin at Indeed. I encourage everyone to recycle your PakTechs! And drink more beer! Thank you so much to Morgan, Emmy, and the Indeed PCA Contest Selection committee for granting me this honor. Cheers!

Pistachio Cream Ale can be found in liquor stores and restaurants across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. 12-packs of Pistachio Cream Ale are releasing this March.