Big Upgrade at the Brewery Has Us Doing the Can-Can Dance

The Technical Stuff

The KHS Innofill Can Filler C is a top of the line beast that bursts beer into our iconic Chuck U cans at the capacity of up to 280 cans per minute. For measure, our previous filler only had a capacity of 40 cans per minute. Wowie.

It also keeps out the bad guys: light, heat, and oxygen. We asked our Quality Control Manager, Daniel, how the KHS can filler fights a beer’s enemies:

This new machine has several features over other canning systems including better purging. Before the can is filled, it is fully purged with C02. The new filler is faster, and seals more fully around the can when filling to keep air out. When the seal is released, the lid is put on more quickly and the total amount of oxygen the beer is exposed to is decreased. The new line also has a built in foam breaker that breaks up big bubbles in the beer which means more room for beer in your can. Microbial contamination is also decreased because the beer will be open to the atmosphere for less time. Another great feature of it is the underlid gassing. Right before the lid is dropped a jet shoots C02 into the headspace of the can.”

The can filler is also more environmentally sustainable. It uses 30% less CO2 than most conventional systems and is designed hygienically with less cleaning in mind.

Okay, so, what does this mean for you?

We promise this is a gift to you, too. The higher speed of the filler increases our flexibility and allows us to carry less finished inventory in our warehouse so the beer will arrive at the store fresher than ever before. The beer will stay fresher in the can and we hope to extend the overall shelf life after we have had time to assess the quality of the beer as it ages. Indeed is committed to delivering high quality fresh beer to our customers. As our co-founder, Tom Whisenand, discusses, “Honestly, freshness and date codes are becoming major issues in the craft beer marketplace for consumers, retailers, distributors, and breweries. The breweries will go unnamed but there is a lot of out of code beer out there and many consumers are unknowingly buying it. Indeed has always been aggressive about promoting freshness in the marketplace by pulling past code beer from store shelves and using easy to read date coding on our cans. Our new can filler will give us additional and very powerful tools to ensure our customers are getting the freshest product possible.”

Pro Tip

Do you ever look at the bottom of your beer can and see a bunch of numbers? This is how we let you know what our beer’s best by dates are. It’s essentially the timeline when the beer’s intended taste remains. It doesn’t mean the beer is “expired” by any means, and it’s totally safe to drink past that date. But, we want you drinking our beer as fresh as possible. Beers, especially hoppy, become dull and can develop a variety of off flavors if the beer sits too long and isn’t kept cold. Go ahead, be a beer snob and be picky with your best by dates!

You heard it here. Fresh, fast beer. Straight to your mouths.

Wanna see this bad boy for yourself? Schedule at tour with us!