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Apr 19/18

Celebrate Sours with Wooden Soul Week!

For years, our wild, sour, and barrel-aged Wooden Soul beers have been waiting to party. They've been quietly developing, fermenting, refermenting, re-refermenting, and now they're ready to bring the funk straight to you.

Join us for Wooden Soul Week: Seven Days of Sour! We'll be getting wild at events throughout the Twin Cities with our Wooden Soul beers. We’ve mapped out our schedule below, featuring everything from brunch, tap takeovers, free oysters, and a pop-up record shop, to trivia, flights, sour school, and tours of The Woods - our barrel-aging warehouse.

Mar 27/18

Whirlygig 2018 is on its way with three days of music and new Biergarten!

Friday May 18th 5pm-11pm - Saturday May 19th 12pm-11pm - Sunday May 20th 12pm-8pm

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Feb 14/18

More than beer brewing at Indeed, as couples say “I do”

This Valentine’s Day we’re all about the love. And not just the love of beer, although we obviously have some strong feelings (How do we love you Day Tripper? Let us count the ways). Instead, we’re pouring out the stories of a few couples that graciously decided to include us their big days. And whether “to have and to hold” describes the way you feel about your partner or just your next glass of Mexican Honey, we think you’ll enjoy them too.

Jan 23/18

How sour is sour? Measuring acidity in sour beer

Sour beers are so hot right now. Store shelves and tap towers around the state are brimming with all kinds of tart beers to pucker up to, but a lot of mystery remains about one of the biggest trends in craft brewing. This week, we’ll release our most sour beer to date, Strawberry Fields Sour Ale. We got to thinking about how we measure the amount of sourness or acidity in our beer, and thought it was a perfect time to sit down with quality manager Daniel and get the scoop on how we gauge the power of our sours.

Jan 16/18

Indeed takes a look back at 2017 and shares plans for the new year!

Cheers and auld lang syne (whatever that means)! We'd look it up, but we're still getting used to the idea that it's 2018 already. Last year flew by, and was filled with a lot of hard work, good times, and great beer.