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Jul 29/20

Crush Tacos with Pink Rabbit Pils

The Indeed and Centro beer collaboration is now in tall boy cans

Well before Centro and Popol Vuh even opened, a natural partnership with Indeed emerged thanks not only to close proximity, but also a shared sense of building the neighborhood. Before the team could use their space, Indeed opened its taproom for meetings and trainings, getting to sample some of the menu during that time.

Pink Rabbit Pils, pilsner steeped with hibiscus and lime, was brewed specially for our Quincy Corner neighbors to playfully complement both the killer cuisine and fluorescent vibe. As the only pilsner on tap at Centro, it’s an easy beer to go with the fast casual Mexican food. “It’s light, so it pairs with pretty much anything,” says Owner Jami Olson. This summer crusher is bright pink from the hibiscus and finished off like a proper street taco—with a squeeze of lime for a citric twist.

Apr 21/20

Cans that Give Back

New beer releases feature QR codes on the label that go to supporting local communities.

On Monday, March 16, Indeed Brewing Company voluntarily closed its Minneapolis taproom before bars and restaurants were ordered to temporarily close across Minnesota. Since then, we've adapted to the changing landscape caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak to not only serve beer safely, but also provide consumers with new brands.

Instead of scrapping plans for upcoming draft-only beers on the 2020 brand calendar, our marketing, production, and packaging teams switched gears to release these beers in labeled cans and on schedule, with an added effort to support local communities.

Jan 31/20

A Pastry Stout's Journey

Sarah Jane's Maple Stick Stout releases on Feb. 6 in Milwaukee and Minneapolis.

From a bakery counter display in Northeast to tap lines in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, Sarah Jane’s Maple Sticks Stout’s journey is a testament to Indeed’s commitment to community and collaboration.

Danish dough twisted with cinnamon, baked with caramel and almonds, and topped with maple frosting—Maple Sticks from Sarah Jane’s Bakery in Northeast Minneapolis are a staff favorite here at Indeed. They’re the first pastry that’s snagged, and no one even thinks about leaving half. So when we set out to develop a pastry stout, it was a no-brainer to capture the essence of these beloved classics.

"When deciding to make a pastry stout, the logical choice in my mind was to model it after the Maple Stick from our local NE bakery Sarah Jane's," says Josh Bischoff, Head Brewer. "I would venture to say that the first year or so of Indeed's existence was fueled almost exclusively by Dogwood Espresso and Sarah Jane's Maple Sticks."

Tested and perfected at our pilot brewery in Milwaukee, this recipe was then brewed on a larger scale at our Minneapolis headquarters and canned for distribution. Cinnamon, vanilla, lactose, and—of course—maple make this malt-forward stout rich and full. And, at the risk of getting too sappy, it represents a connectedness that makes this beer extra special to us. We can’t wait to share it with you.

We’ll be releasing this beer on Thursday, February 6 at 3 PM in Minneapolis and Milwaukee. Maple Sticks will be served in both locations.

RSVP on Facebook (Minneapolis and Milwaukee), and make sure to let us know you're drinking it on Untappd.

Dec 19/17

Berry Good News: Strawberry Fields Sour Ale Coming to Cans in 2018

For months the brewery has been jam-packed with excitement and we just can’t leave this juicy news alone anymore, so we won’t! We’re pumped to announce that Indeed fan favorite Strawberry Fields will join our adventurous lineup of canned beer in late January 2018.

Aug 10/17

Farewell, Yamma Jamma! Our Harvest Ale returns for a final season.

So long, farewell, Yamma Jamma! Our Harvest Ale will return this August to reap in one last season before hitting the hay. Conceived as an alternative to the ever growing patch of pumpkin beers, Yamma Jamma is instead brewed with sweet potatoes, a blend of spices, and vanilla. Fit to pair with crunchy leaves, casseroles and sweater weather, Yamma is our tribute to coziest of seasons. For one more year, anyway.