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Oct 9/23

J's Hard Kombucha

There's a new and improved hard kombucha on tap!

There's a new hard kombucha on tap at Indeed Brewing Company! We said "so long" to Boon Hard Kombucha and "hey!" to J's Hard Kombucha. In collaboration with J's Kombucha, our new and improved hard kombucha features a new kombucha flavor courtesy of J's (hibiscus-sage-blackberry) and ABV (5%).

Nov 30/21

Q&A with Mixed Fermentation Brewer Erik Vosen

Meet the man behind Indeed's Mixed Fermentation Program.

Brimming with a scientific creativity and passion for the age-old art of mixed fermentation, Erik Vosen is leveling up Indeed's Mixed Fermentation Program. From innovating Boon Hard Kombucha to experimenting with new flavors in our barrel-aged beers, take a look inside the world of mixed culture brewing.

Jan 22/21

Good Feeling, Feeling Good

Boon Hard Kombucha is Indeed’s newest beyond beer offering.

The latest liquid to grace the tap lines at Indeed Brewing Company is neither tea nor beer, precisely. Going by the name of Boon, our new hard kombucha starts in an oak barrel and ends in a bright tank. We talked to Founding Brewer Josh Bischoff, who spearheaded the brewing experimentation, about this peculiar elixir.