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Feb 17/22

File Me Under Funky

A wild ale that takes drinkers on a wild ride.

Boasting a mélange of aromatics and tasting notes, File Me Under Funky is a wild and joyous journey of flavor through time. Fresh out of the barrels, this foeder-aged Brett Saison has a tropical bent, only to become more vinous as it ages outside of the barrel. A unique drinking experience at any given point, this Wild Ale promises only to be consistent in its funkiness.

Nov 30/21

Q&A with Mixed Fermentation Brewer Erik Vosen

Meet the man behind Indeed's Mixed Fermentation Program.

Brimming with a scientific creativity and passion for the age-old art of mixed fermentation, Erik Vosen is leveling up Indeed's Mixed Fermentation Program. From innovating Boon Hard Kombucha to experimenting with new flavors in our barrel-aged beers, take a look inside the world of mixed culture brewing.